Background: I started my academic life at Swansea where I got my first degree in Psychology. I went on to do my MSc in Applied Psychology and my PhD is in Human Geography. I have held various research and teaching positions including Senior Lecturer in Psychosocial Studies. As well as core Psychology modules I teach across areas of ethnicity, identity, gender, migration, ageing and Islam. 

Research interests: mental health, ageing, ethnicity, religion, gender and place. 

I have worked in London and Wales, and recently I delivered a brief intervention to patients who present with self harm and suicidal ideation at mental health services across Carmarthenshire. Findings from the project entitled SWISH (Social support and Wellbeing Intervention following Self Harm) can be found following my research details.

I am Senior Lecturer in Applied Social Sciences and this means my teaching covers a broad range of areas. I lead the ‘Equality, Diversity and Citizenship’ module and teach across other modules at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

Areas of Expertise

  • ageing
  • ethnicity
  • gender
  • mental health
  • identity
  • Muslims in the UK
  • place


  1. (2017). So few Muslim women wear the burqa that banning it is a waste of time.
  2. & Investigating the feasibility of an enhanced contact intervention in self-harm and suicidal behaviour: a protocol for a randomised controlled trial delivering a Social support and Wellbeing Intervention following Self Harm (SWISH). BMJ Open 6(9), e012043
  3. Family, Citizenship and Islam: The changing experiences of migrant women ageing in London. Aldershot: Ashgate.
  4. Class, ethnicity and religion in the Bengali East End: a political history. Ethnic and Racial Studies 39(13), 2416-2418.
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  • ASP255 Equality, Diversity and Citizenship

    This module explores the important concept of citizenship and its applications in social policy. It does this by examining equality and diversity policies, focusing on different theoretically-driven debates about the need for, and impact of, such policies. Building on level 4 social policy modules, students will also have the opportunity to gain more understanding of key concepts such as rights, justice, fairness and equality. As a further aim, the module sets out to help students develop a critical awareness of issues associated with applying equality and diversity policies in the workplace and to the topic of asylum. A particular focus is given to recent legislation dealing with age discrimination, and comparisons are drawn with other national contexts.

  • SW-M05 Undertaking & Using Social Work Research for Practice

    This module promotes and encourages the development of `research mindedness¿ in social work. It explores the theory and practice of social work research by way of examination of the concept and utility of evidence based practice, ontological and epistemological approaches to knowledge, case study examples of research designs, research paradigms of quantitative, qualitative and mixed method approaches, and reflection on ethics and values in social work research. The module also entails a practical element requiring students to undertake tasks in exploring statistical datasets, and using ICT. The module also prepares students for the task of completing an empirical or desk based dissertation in the second year of the Masters Programme.

Key Grants and Projects

  • NISCHR Social Care Research Award 2013

    Principal Investigator (2013-2016), £258.547

  • NISCHR Social Care Fellowship Award 2014

    Principal Investigator (2015-2019) - Experiences and understandings of dementia among Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) Groups in Wales: community, individual and inter-generational perspectives, £239,239