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  • SHGM13 Dissertation

    This module builds upon the knowledge and skills developed in part one of the programme. Students are required to critically explore the evidence for their own professional practice. Those students wishing to undertake the portfolio dissertation should have successfully completed a module on the MSc Enhanced Professional Practice.

  • SHGM20 Continuing Your Professional Development in Community and Primary Health Care Practice

    This module is a core module for students on the Postgraduate Certificate, Postgraduate Diploma and MSc Community and Primary Health Care Practice. It will introduce students to the principles of work based learning and the skills required to facilitate personal and professional development for themselves and for their colleagues.

  • SHN3066 Research and Development in Community Mental Health Nursing Practice

    This core module builds on the student¿s prior knowledge of research and aims to expand their knowledge and understanding of the research process, to include an appreciation of how practice and research are interrelated and its application to community mental health nursing practice. There is an emphasis on 'action learning' approaches - which means that students are encouraged to read, recognise and reflect on their practice and knowledge development, in order to share their progress/difficulties in an educative, supportive and challenging arena (with other students and teachers). The main aim is to assist students to apply knowledge and skills learned whilst developing their own personal and professional practice. In order to facilitate the integration of theory and practice, which is essential to a practice discipline, students will be located in concurrent practice.

  • SHTM28 Teaching and Learning for Practice Teachers

    This module aims to prepare Practice Teachers for a role in teaching, supervising and assessing students whilst in clinical practice. This module has been developed according to the NMC Standards to Support Learning and Assessment in Practice (NMC, 2006, 2008), which take the form of a developmental framework within the context of inter-professional learning and working in modern day health care.