Dr Jodie Croxall
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Swansea University Medical School
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  1. & New Localism: Implications for the Governance of Street Sex Work in England and Wales. Social Policy and Society 11(04), 483-494.


  • ASP210 Disability Policy

    This module assesses the impact of contemporary social policies upon disabled people. Such policies are formulated within the precepts of prevailing political philosophies. Accordingly, the lives of disabled people have been greatly affected by changes in political and social policies throughout the twentieth century, and more recently by the battle for anti-discrimination legislation similar to that which exists to protect racial minorities and women. The module discusses medical and social models of disability and the significance of the Disability Movement.

  • ASP305 Advocacy, Rights and Representation

    Advocacy has been increasingly recognised within Social Policy as being a means of securing and exercising the rights of citizens, particularly those subject to discrimination, marginalisation and abuse. This module explores conceptual, ethical, policy and practice perspectives of advocacy. The influence of social movements in the development of advocacy is considered, along with official policy responses of Government and professionals. Whilst the focus is upon developments in the UK, examples are also drawn from North America and Scandinavia. The module examines advocacy with a variety of social groups, including children, disabled adults and older people; settings such as care homes and hospitals; and situations such as instances of abuse and making decisions or choices.

  • ASP314 Health Policy

    This module introduces students to developments in the organisation of the health services across the UK, setting it within the historical, political and social contexts of society. It examines the concepts of `health¿ and `illness¿, the formulation and evaluation of health care policy and its economic dimensions, as well as analysis of inequalities in health, comparative health systems, professionalisation and accountability.

  • ASPM03 Policies and Practices for an Ageing Population

    The aim of the module is to provide students with a knowledge and understanding of the historical and current policy developments in ageing and to highlight `best practice¿ with older people in areas such as care, housing and service provision. The module focuses on the Welsh and English policy contexts but places them within a European context.

  • PM-007 Foundation Applied Medical Sciences Skills Development 1

    The module will provide the student with a diversity of study, laboratory and scientific skills in relation to the undertaking of undergraduate practical sessions in a safe manner. This will involve the development of skills including basic biologically relevant mathematics, appropriate data handling, working safely and key laboratory skills. Students will also be provided with an introduction to laboratory methods such as accurate pipetting and standard curve construction.In addition, students will receive lectures on developing study skills in literature searching, referencing & plaigarism and communication of information.

  • PMIM101 Health Informatics in Context

    In this module, students will study the skills required by the professional health informatician including an introduction to information governance, including privacy, and the maintenance of confidentiality, data security, legislation, ethical considerations, and current UK and global eHealth strategies. Students will also begin to develop their academic skills in literature searching, the critical evaluation of research literature and reflective practice.

  • PMIM603 Leadership in Project Management

    This module concentrates on leadership in project management, and examines contemporary project management methodologies, strategies and the skills required for effective project management. Students must have prior knowledge of Project Management techniques before commencing this specialised course, so you are advised to check with the module leader before enrolling to ensure you meet the criteria for entry.

  • SHHM34 Case Studies in Applied Social Research: Social Work

    The module examines key issues in research on social work and social care by presenting a series of case studies illustrating various research methods applied in these areas.


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