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  1. & Exploring global meaning in Greek breast cancer patients: validation of the Life Attitude Profile-Revised (LAP-R). Psycho-Oncology 20(4), 419-427.
  2. & Intrusive Thoughts and Psychological Adjustment to Breast Cancer: Exploring the Moderating and Mediating Role of Global Meaning and Emotional Expressivity. Journal of Clinical Psychology in Medical Settings 17(2), 137-149.
  3. & Physician Burnout and Patient Satisfaction with Consultation in Primary Health Care Settings: Evidence of Relationships from a one-with-many Design. Journal of Clinical Psychology in Medical Settings


  • SHC137 Study Skills, Health Informatics and Health Service Practice

    This module provides an introduction to student skills, learning skills, IT skills, communication skills and elements of Health Informatics that prepares the student for work in the clinical environment of the National Health Service as an Assistant/Associate audiology practitioner.

  • SHC214 Research Methods and Statistics

    This module seeks to enable students to become critical users and readers of health related research. It further aims to provide the basic tools to enable students to carry out simple statistical analysis on data of varying types.

  • SHC231 Research Methods and Statistics

    This is a research module designed to enable students to utilize health related research and carry out simple statistical analysis on data of varying types.

  • SHGM38 Foundations in Research

    The purpose of this module is to provide a critical understanding of the research process and methodological approaches to sound applied research. The module will be delivered in a systematic approach facilitating individual and group learning, and will stimulate the development of research skills that will enable learners to apply them in their work environment and contribute to strengthening the notion and implementation of evidence based practice.

  • SHGM62 Foundations in Research

    The module builds on students┬┐ previous knowledge of research and aims to expand their knowledge and understanding of the research process. The main aim is to assist students to apply knowledge and skills of research methods learned to their own personal and professional development.


  • Extended scope of practice for audiologists: an exploration of patient attitudes and service delivery issues (current)

    Student name:
    Other supervisor: Dr Darren Edwards
    Other supervisor: Dr Tessa Watts