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  • SHBM00 Social, Cultural and Economic Context of Health

    In this module students will develop a critical understanding and appreciation of the wider context of health care management. The social, cultural and economic context within which health and illness are defined and experienced and how these impact and influence the organisation and financing of health care and health systems will be critically explored.

  • SHH114 Sociology of Health and Illness

    This module provides students with a sound introduction to some of the key contemporary debates within sociology of health and illness. It will enable students to understand the significant influence of social factors in people┬┐s interpretation and experience of health and illness and will also explore social relations in formal health work.


  • Challenges in consolidating and protecting universal health care coverage in Malaysia. (current)

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    Other supervisor: Dr Alison Hann
    Other supervisor: Dr Gillian Spedding
    Other supervisor: Prof David Hughes