I’m married to Eley and we have three children. I started nursing in 1986 as an RGN. In 1994 I became an RSCN. I have worked in adult critical care, paediatric critical care and paediatric general surgery and medicine. Along the way I successfully achieved the ENB 998 and 415 courses in 1995 and a BSc Nursing in 2001. In 2002 I left my Charge Nurse post to become a Tutor at Swansea University. In 2012 I gained an MA in Medical Humanities. I am now a Senior Lecturer in the College. My main responsibility for the past eight years is managing the MSc Advanced Practice programme.


  • EYXM17 Childhood Illness

    This module explores the impact of a range of common childhood illnesses on children aged 0 ¿ 11 years and their families. The module will cover acute and chronic illness as well as common infections. The role of the multi-disciplinary team in managing and supporting children and their families will also be examined. Issues for public health promotion will be considered.

  • SHG3109 Enhanced Practice for Upper and/or Lower Gastrointestinal Endoscopy Nurses

    This module will provide the theoretical knowledge and practical skills to enhance nursing practice in endoscopy.

  • SHG346 Foundations in Physiology and Health Assessment

    This module provides an introduction to the principles and practices of advanced practice. It is suitable for experienced clinical nurses or other allied health professionals who wish to expand their clinical skills and knowledge. This module will introduce students to the following subjects: anatomy, physiology, history taking, consultation skills, general examination and systems examination.

  • SHGM24 Advanced Practice for Upper and/or Lower Gastrointestinal Endoscopist

    This module aims to supplement the clinical knowledge obtained by following the Joint Endoscopist Training Scheme (JETS) and Joint Advisory Group on Gastrointestinal Endoscopy (JAG) clinical accreditation programmes. It offers the theoretical underpinning and clinical practice to enhance advanced practice as an endoscopist.

  • SHHM12 Advanced Practice and Education

    One of the roles of advanced practice is education, both in terms of self and others. Consequently there is a need for the practitioner to critically evaluate and apply learning theory to themselves and in the practice setting. This module examines the key ideas underpinning some of the main educational theories which students will relate to their own development and clinical practice.

  • SHN3055 Managing Complex Care in Rapidly Changing Situations (Adult)

    This module aims to give an overview of specialist aspects of nursing practice, especially when care can be considered complex and situations rapidly change. The module also aims to give a greater insight into the application of legal, ethical and professional issues to practice. This module draws on the content of modules within Years 1 and 2 and experiences in practice to consolidate the knowledge, skills and attitude for professional practice in the field of adult nursing.

  • SHN3060 Managing Complex Care in Rapidly Changing Situations (Child)

    This module aims to provide an overview of holistic nursing practice in areas where the care needs of children and young people are complex and rapidly changing. Whilst the focus is on nursing care of children and young people. This module draws on the content of the programme from years 1 and 2 and experiences in practice.

  • SHN3064 Leadership and Management (Child)

    This module will focus on management and leadership in the field of children‿s and young people‿s nursing. Emphasis will be given to managing nursing care, managing change in the clinical environment and the qualities of clinical leadership.

External Responsibilities

  • Committee Member, R.C.N. Accredited Advanced Nurse Practitioner Educators Group

    2007 - Present

  • Member, Association of Advanced Nursing Practice Educators U.K.

    2007 - Present