I joined Swansea University in 2003 to become a Tutor in the School of Health Science following a 20 year career in a variety of nursing roles in the NHS.  I’m now a Senior Lecturer in the College of Human and Health Sciences and also the college lead for the Swansea Academy for Learning and Teaching (SALT). Within this role I am a member of a number of University committees including; Programme Approval Committee, Learning Innovation Group, Learning Spaces group, and the Module Feedback Users group. My main interest in the field of learning and teaching is student assessment and supervision, eLearning, and simulation. I am still involved in the BSc Pre-Registration nursing programme as module leader, placements adviser, and personal tutor. I’m still a Registered Nurse (Adult) and continue to work in clinical practice, doing 2 to 3 shifts a month in a both general and specialised nursing.

Areas of Expertise

  • Quality Improvement
  • Practice learning
  • Student assessment
  • Critical care nursing


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  • SHG112 Introduction to Health Sciences (ABMU)

    This module will introduce the student to normal anatomy and physiology, as well as key sociological and psychological concepts.

  • SHG209 Research and Critical Appraisal

    This module is designed to enable the student to critically analyse qualitative and quantitative research articles to enable them to identify the quality of the research evidence and their implications towards informing their future practice .

  • SHG3076 Evidence Based Practice (Dissertation)

    The aim of this module is to enable students to develop and demonstrate knowledge of the philosophy, theory and controversies that underpins evidence based practice and to critically analyse how current evidence is used to create health care guidelines. The student is also required to complete a critical review of research literature so to evaluate the implications of the current evidence base upon a personal clinical practice issue.

  • SHG3100 Electrocardiogram Recording and Interpretation

    This module will enable practitioners to safely and accurately record 12 lead Electrocardiogram (ECG) and provide an initial interpretation of the recording. It will include teaching on the anatomy and physiology of the heart, allow the student to identify the clinical indications for recording an ECG, and also to interpret the ECG recording as a part of the patient clinical assessment.

  • SHG3108 Research and Critical Appraisal

    This module is aimed at enabling persons working within the health sector to gain knowledge of research and critical appraisal skills, including confidence as critical readers of health related research and literature and its application to practice. The module has been developed to meet the needs of practitioners who are expected to deliver evidence based practice. Health care practitioners have a duty to ensure that the care and services delivered are both efficient and effective. To fulfil this expectation, they need to develop a range of skills associated with evidence-based care. Firstly, they must be able to find the evidence. This involves accessing library resources and developing a range of IT skills to search the literature effectively. Secondly, once the evidence is located, they must be able to make sense of it and critically appraise it. Competence in these activities requires understanding of research methods and the critiquing process. The module also aims to improve and develop writing and referencing skills.

  • SHN271 Health Promotion and Public Health (Adult)

    Health promotion and public health are essential components of the nurse‿s role. This module aims to provide students with an understanding of public health development, the nurse‿s role and priorities for action such as inequalities, advocacy and partnership working. Key principles of health promotion and its role within public health will also be explored. The module will also provide students with knowledge of how to promote health within practice across the lifespan in a variety of settings.

  • SHN272 Acute Care (Adult)

    This module will develop the students awareness of acute situations, identify and reduce associated risks and how to prioritise adult nursing care. The module will further develop the students‿ assessment, intervention and management skills underpinned by professional responsibility.

  • SHN3040 Foundations in Cardiothoracic Nursing

    A comprehensive introduction for newly qualified nurses/or nurses new to the clinical speciality to the various aspects of nursing patients within the cardiac centre. To prepare nurses to work competently, professionally and effectively as members of the nursing team within their chosen clinical area and within the cardiac team.

  • SHN3055 Managing Complex Care in Rapidly Changing Situations (Adult)

    This module aims to give an overview of specialist aspects of nursing practice, especially when care can be considered complex and situations rapidly change. The module also aims to give a greater insight into the application of legal, ethical and professional issues to practice. This module draws on the content of modules within Years 1 and 2 and experiences in practice to consolidate the knowledge, skills and attitude for professional practice in the field of adult nursing.

  • SHN3057 Leadership and Management (Adult)

    The aim of this module is to enable the student to participate in the organisation, management and delivery of safe care to clients/service users in accordance with recognised legal, ethical and professional frameworks for practice. The module aims to ensure that students develop a critical understanding of the processes of clinical governance and continuous quality improvement through clinical leadership and can apply these principles to the practice setting, using a range of communication skills, reflection, clinical judgment and critical evaluation of the evidence base for nursing practice.

  • SHN3058 Consolidating the Practice of Nursing

    The philosophy of the module is the belief that continued development underpins professional practice. Throughout their professional lives, qualified nurses need to take responsibility for their own learning and development. In order to achieve this, they need to be able to recognise their learning and developmental needs, developing appropriate strategies to fulfil them. Development encompasses both personal and professional aspects as one cannot be separated from the other. This module draws on the content of other modules within the year and experiences in practice to introduce the concept of professional practice. The students will demonstrate this learning through the medium of a portfolio and by producing a patchwork text.

Administrative Responsibilities

Career History

Start Date End Date Position Held Location
2003 Present Tutor/Senior Lecturer Swansea University
1995 2003 Nurse Practitioner Morriston Hospital, Swansea
1987 1995 Staff Nurse/Senior Staff Nurse Singleton Hospital, Swansea

External Responsibilities

  • External Examiner, University of Hertfordshire, School of Health and Social Work

    2013 - Present

  • External Examiner, University of Bedfordshire, Faculty of Health and Social Care

    2009 - 2013

  • External Examiner, University of Chester, Faculty of Health and Social Care

    2009 - 2013

  • Module 13 lead, Pre Registration Nursing Programme , Swansea University

    2012 - Present

  • Academic Lead, Placements, Pre Registration Nursing Programme , CHHS, Swansea University

    2010 - Present