Research Officer
Public Health, Policy and Social Sciences
Telephone: (01792) 602952

Christine is currently researching dignified and inclusive health and social care for older (50+) trans people in Wales, with mixed methodology. She also has a strong research interest in end of life care for older people. 

Areas of Expertise

  • trans* identity


  1. & Caregiving and Carereceiving Relationships of Older South Asians. GeroPsych: The Journal of Gerontopsychology and Geriatric Psychiatry 23(4), 215-225.
  2. & Dangers from Within? Looking Inwards at the Role of Maladministration as the Leading Cause of Health Data Breaches in the UK’. In Data Protection and Privacy: (In)visibilities and Infrastructures. Springer.
  3. & End-of-life care for older people in Wales: Policy, practice and the effectiveness of the Integrated Care Pathway. Final Report.
  4. & Transnational Relationships and Cultural Identity of Older Migrants. GeroPsych 29(2), 57-69.
  5. & On moving targets and magic bullets: Can the UK lead the way with responsible data linkage for health research?. International Journal of Medical Informatics 84(11), 933-940.

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  • ASP305 Advocacy, Rights and Representation

    Advocacy has been increasingly recognised within Social Policy as being a means of securing and exercising the rights of citizens, particularly those subject to discrimination, marginalisation and abuse. This module explores conceptual, ethical, policy and practice perspectives of advocacy. The influence of social movements in the development of advocacy is considered, along with official policy responses of Government and professionals. Whilst the focus is upon developments in the UK, examples are also drawn from North America and Scandinavia. The module examines advocacy with a variety of social groups, including children, disabled adults and older people; settings such as care homes and hospitals; and situations such as instances of abuse and making decisions or choices.

  • SHGM45 Foundations in Health Promotion

    This module provides a foundation in understanding the key theoretical understanding of the principles related to health promotion and underpinning public health policy perspectives.

  • SHHM06 The Social Aspects of Long Term and Chronic Illness

    Students will be enabled to consider the social aspects of long term and chronic illness to gain understanding of the effects on the individual and society. The module will provide an opportunity to learn about the lived experiences of people, throughout the life course, whose lives are affected by long term and chronic illness. Consideration will be given also to the study of carers¿ experiences, examining their role and how their needs may be met. The module will focus on aspects of long term and chronic condition management that are overlooked in bio-medical approaches by examining in detail how people make sense of and cope with long term and chronic illness. It will also encourage practitioners to critically evaluate the delivery of care to patients with long term and chronic conditions and their carers within its strategic framework.

  • SHVM46 Chronic Pain Management

    The experience of chronic pain has a major impact upon a person¿s quality of life and it can often limit their level of physical functioning. Therefore, it is important to have effective strategies and treatment options available to decide the best method of clinical intervention. There are two main approaches to chronic pain management ¿ pharmacological and non-pharmacological (i.e. electrotherapy, massage, acupuncture, etc). This module will examine each option in terms of its evidence base and clinical application.