Dr Rowan Brown
Associate Professor
Telephone: (01792) 295206
Room: Academic Office - A_016
Ground Floor
Engineering Central
Bay Campus

Specialist Subjects: Stochastic Analysis, Systems Biology, Cytometry, Evolutionary Computing, Intelligent Large-Scale Data Analysis/Simulation, Fractal Generation and Analysis

Systems Cytometry/Microscopy

High throughput experimental techniques, such as flow cytometry, provide detailed information of cell-cycle characteristics for large-scale cellular populations (i.e. > 104 cells). The Systems Cytometry group, formed as an alliance between Swansea and Cardiff universities, employ various stochastic simulation techniques to interpret experimental measurements that allow elucidation and clarification of cellular response and recovery to pharamacodynamic agents' over multiple generations.

Blood Coagulation

Quantification of a blood clot is of extreme importance to the monitoring and treatment of blood diseases and disorders. At present, no universally accepted measure of blood clotting exists, here in Swansea, we have and continue to apply fractal based measures to inform on both incipient and mature clot forms. These measures provide insight into both spatial arrangement of mass and ensuing clot complexity.

Evolutionary Programming

Many population-based evolutionary strategies have their origin in physical-biological processes; here in Swansea we are developing alternative and complementary optimisers' and seek to employ these to solve 'real-life' optimisation problems.


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  2. & European sea bass show behavioural resilience to near-future ocean acidification. Royal Society Open Science 3(11), 160656
  3. An Analysis of the Practicalities of Multi-Color Nanoparticle Cellular Bar-Coding. Combinatorial Chemistry & High Throughput Screening 19(5), 362-369.
  4. & The effect of sepsis and its inflammatory response on mechanical clot characteristics: a prospective observational study. Intensive Care Medicine 42(12), 1990-1998.
  5. & An Investigation Into the Effects of In Vitro Dilution With Different Colloid Resuscitation Fluids on Clot Microstructure Formation. Anesthesia & Analgesia 123(5), 1081-1088.

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  • EGA215 Rocket and Space Technology

    The module introduces the concepts associated with rocket dynamics, trajectories and orbits of space vehicles and space missions.

  • EGA308 Implant and prosthetic Technology

    This module looks at medical devices implanted within the human body and prosthetics, from two perspectives; i) how to engineer devices/implants to best deliver the required biological function and ii) the impact of implants on the human body.

  • EGNM03 Nanoscale Simulation

    ¿ Quantum mechanics ¿ Bohr model of the atom, Schrodinger equation, energy eigenvalues and wave functions of the hydrogen atom. ¿ Application of quantum mechanics to nano-scale semiconductor structures ¿ Semiconductor band structure, effective mass approximation, quantum wells, wires and dots, density of states for electrons, quantum devices. ¿ Molecular modelling ¿ Basic atomic forces and bonding, small molecule models, proteins, molecular modelling packages. ¿ Transport of particles ¿ Electron transport; diffusion and conduction, nano-fluidics, rate equations and Monte Carlo simulations.

  • PM-230 Selected Medical Diagnostic Techniques

    This module looks at the design and operation of a wide range of instrumentation used to make measurements for diagnostic and monitoring purposes. The emphasis is on the underlying electrical, mechanical, chemical, optical and other engineering principles.


  • Untitled (current)

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    Other supervisor: Dr Christopher Wright
  • Collective behaviour: from cells to humans (current)

    Student name:
    Other supervisor: Dr Andrew King
    Other supervisor: Dr Ines Fuertbauer
  • Characterisation of complex adaptive systems in biophysics«br /» (current)

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    Other supervisor: Dr Andrew King
    Other supervisor: Dr Ines Fuertbauer
  • Thermoelectric energy harvesting, design and modelling«br /» (current)

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    Other supervisor: Prof Lijie Li
  • Alpine ungulates movement (ALPEN): Quantification of spatiotemporal environmental energetics and social interaction. (current)

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    Other supervisor: Prof Luca Borger