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Research interests:

Video- and data-visualization in sport
Reconstruction of 3d scenes from 2d images
Measurement of spin parameters from moving sports balls
Rugby and football performance data mining

Current research projects:

Estimation of human energy expenditure from accelerometry data (Toni Cardew, MPhil Student).
Application of neural networks to rugby performance data. (Alex Thomas, MPhil Student)
Application of video visualization to snooker skill training (Phil Legg, David Chung, Matthew Parry)
Visualization of rugby and football performance data using computer science techniques and tablet-based solutions (Phil Legg, David Chung, Matthew Parry)

Collaborative partners:

Dr Phil Legg, Swansea University
Terry Griffiths Matchroom, Llanelli
Bradford Football Club
Welsh Rugby Union
Quintic Consultancy, Coventry

Areas of Expertise

  • Computer science applied to sport
  • Simulation of human and animal movement


  1. & Investigating the relationship between energy expenditure, walking speed and angle of turning in humans. PLOS ONE 12(8), e0182333
  2. & Knowledge-Assisted Ranking: A Visual Analytic Application for Sport Event Data. IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications, 1-1.
  3. & Systematic Snooker Skills Test to Analyze Player Performance. International Journal of Sports Science and Coaching 9(5), 1083-1106.
  4. & Glyph sorting: Interactive visualization for multi-dimensional data. Information Visualization 14(1), 76-90.
  5. & Mass enhances speed but diminishes turn capacity in terrestrial pursuit predators. eLife 4

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  • 'Simulating the Slide and Roll of a Golf Ball and Investigating the Bouncing Present' (current)

    Student name:
    Other supervisor: Prof Steve Brown
  • 'Experimental measurement of the spin, slide and roll of a golf ball during a putt' (awarded 2018)

    Student name:
    Other supervisor: Prof Michael Lewis

Key Grants and Projects

  • Sports Video Visualization 2010 - 2012

    A4B CIRP Collaborative Industrial Research Project, £300K

  • Integrated Seating Design 2007 - 2009

    4B CIRP Collaborative Industrial Research Project, Academic Partner Subcontract

Administrative Responsibilities

  • Research Dissertation Coordinator - Sports Science

    0 - Present