Dr Alison Williams
Senior Lecturer
Telephone: (01792) 602330
Room: Academic Office - A_010
Ground Floor
Engineering Central
Bay Campus

Specialist Subjects: Multi-Physics Modelling, Non-Newtonian Flow, Renewable Energy

I have over 10 years experience in modelling multiphysics processes with particular expertise in modelling processes involving complex flows. I have been involved in several industry led projects in the areas of wind turbines, metal processing, manufacture of electronics components and the development of ventilation systems.

As a member of the Marine Energy Research Group I am currently involved in developing computational models to assess both the performance of marine energy devices and their interactions with the environment. I have also worked with a number of SME's in Wales to assess the feasibility of their devices and ideas for marine renewable energy.


  1. & An enhanced disk averaged CFD model for the simulation of horizontal axis tidal turbines. Renewable Energy 101, 67-81.
  2. & Computational prediction of pressure change in the vicinity of tidal stream turbines and the consequences for fish survival rate. Renewable Energy 101, 1141-1156.
  3. & A Comparison of Numerical Modelling Techniques for Tidal Stream Turbine Analysis. Energies 8(8), 7833-7853.
  4. & Computational Fluid Dynamics and Visualisation of Coastal Flows in Tidal Channels Supporting Ocean Energy Development. Energies 8(6), 5997-6012.
  5. & Aspects of tidal stream turbine modelling in the natural environment using a coupled BEM–CFD model. International Journal of Marine Energy 7, 20-42.

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  • EG-062 Development of Key Skills for Engineers

    This is a module for key skill development at Foundation year level.

  • EG-066 Basic Engineering Analysis 2

    To provide grounding in engineering analysis methods for students without the background of A level mathematics. The module will extend the concepts covered in EG-065 to introduce some of the key mathematical techniques used in engineering. These will be related to common engineering systems.

  • EG-D03 MSc Dissertation - Mechanical Engineering

    The module aims to develop fundamental research skills. It comprises the development of supervised research work leading to a dissertation in the field of the Master's degree programme. The specific research topic will be chosen by the student following consultation with academic staff.

  • EG-M112 Simulation and Data Analysis

    This module will introduce students to a set of computational tools that are used within the engineering industry. A series of PC based workshops will be used to guide participants in the use of the software through design and analysis tasks. The module will include the use of Excel, MATLAB and SolidWorks.

  • EG-M83 Simulation Based Product Design

    This module provides an overview of the role that simulation can play in the design process of a product. A series of lectures introduce computational modelling and the computational tools and techniques employed in the design process. The application of simulation in the design of a number of industry based research projects is presented. Computer workshops lead students in using simulation tools and applying the tools in the optimisation of the design of a product.

  • EGW083 Basic Engineering Analysis 2a (Welsh)

    Mae'r modiwl hwn (mewn cysylltiad â EG081) yn darparu sgiliau sylfaenol mathemategol i fyfyrwyr peirianneg. Mae¿r modiwl yn rhedeg law yn law gyda EG083. Wrth astudio disgwylir i¿r myfyriwr mynychu'r darlithoedd ffurfiol trwy gyfrwng y Saesneg gyda gweddill y flwyddyn ac yna mynychu dosbarthiadau esiampl trwy gyfrwng y Gymraeg. Cynhelir y dosbarthiadau esiampl mewn grwpiau bach hyblyg i hwyluso¿r broses o ddysgu sut i ddefnyddio sgiliau mathemateg a rhoddwyd yn y darlithoedd ffurfiol The module gives a grounding in mathematical skills for engineering and science students.


  • Tidal Energy and Coastal Models: Improved Turbine Simulation (current)

    Student name:
    Other supervisor: Prof Ian Masters
  • Investigation and Optimisation of an Array-on-device configuration for a Novel Wave Energy Converter (current)

    Student name:
    Other supervisor: Prof Ian Masters
  • Numerical Modelling Assessment of a Vertical Axis Water Turbine System (current)

    Student name:
    Other supervisor: Dr Nick Croft
  • Fatigue analysis of floating tidal energy converters (current)

    Student name:
    Other supervisor: Prof Ian Masters