• EG-163 Design and Laboratory Classes 1


  • EG-165 Engineering Design 1

    This course follows a series of case studies as given in the course text. This covers a wide range of subjects including conceptual design, innovation, standardisation, reliability, safety, failure, ergonomics, materials and management. Additionally, the students will take part in the compulsory design activity and respective Engineering Application 1 activities.

  • EG-168 Engineering Professional Development

    To develop fundamental engineering communication skills using standard ICT tools. These skills will be taught and developed in the context of the Swansea Tidal Lagoon. This module also introduces ethics in engineering and continuing professional development.

  • EG-264 Computer Aided Engineering

    This module deals with the significance of computers in numerical analysis. Integration by MALAB and Finite Element Analysis (FEA) - (a) Review of MATLAB programming techniques; (b) Introduction of FEA and the techniques to implement FEA by using Solidworks including stress analysis of one-dimensional beam structures and two dimensional structures, etc. Module Aims: competence in SOLIDWORKS to implement FEA method and MATLAB to solve mathematical problems