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  • MLTM10 Interpreting - Law Option (Police & Introduction to Court Interpreting)

    This module will develop strategies and techniques to perform: Sight Translation (L1 into L2 and L2 into L1), Bilateral Consecutive (including Telephone Interpreting), Conference Consecutive, and Simultaneous-Whispering modes of Interpreting. The contexts are Police and Courts, covering a selection of topics in the areas of Police Powers (arrest, caution, questioning, witness statements, missing persons); Dishonesty Offences (theft, robbery, burglary, fraud); Drugs (types, possession); Road Traffic (speeding offences, dangerous driving); Criminal Courts (Magistrate Court - Trials); Tribunals (Immigration - refugees, appeals, deportations); and Current Affairs related to legal matters of the cultures involved (Language 1 & Language 2). This module will also prepare the student for the Metropolitan Police Test, examined by the Chartered Institute of Linguists (CIoL) and recognized by the National Register of Public Service Interpreters. This is optional and will take place in Winter ¿ November, and Summer ¿ May/June every year (CIoL Registration deadline and fees apply). Successful candidates will also be encouraged to apply to the European Commission Directorate General for Interpretation placements and freelance opportunities.