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Jamie joined the department in 2015. His interests lie in international relations theory, in particular critical constructivism and the role language plays in our experience of the world. He is currently completing a PhD thesis on the relationship between the EU and ASEAN, regarding community and human rights through the idea of representational force (language as a tool to coerce). He has previously worked as a TA for the department from 2013-2015.


  • HUPM03 War, Technology and Culture

    From the late Eighteenth century onwards the relationship between war and society was changed by two permanent revolutions in France and America. Industrialisation, coupled with the growth of centralised nation states dramatically modified the conduct of large scale warfare. In this module students will seek to understand the impact of industrialisation, nationalism, technology and ideology on warfare. The course will follow the development of industrialised mass warfare from the Napoleonic period, through to the era of the 'total warfare' of WWI and WW2 and the limited conflict of the Cold War/nuclear era.

Administrative Responsibilities

  • Convenor for MA - International Relations, PCS, Swansea University

    2015 - Present