Katharina Hall is Senior Lecturer in German Studies. She is Undergraduate Programme Director for the Department of Languages, Translation and Communication. She is a member of the Callaghan Centre, MEICAM, CriMeNet, and a network associate of CNIC (Cardiff).


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  2. (Eds.). Crime Fiction in German: Der Krimi. Cardiff/Chicago: University of Wales Press/University of Chicago Press.
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  • ML-M25 Gender in Contemporary European Culture

    This module provides an introduction to the representation of gender in contemporary European culture through in-depth analysis of groundbreaking, sometimes controversial, novels, plays and films. It pays close attention to the nexus of gender and sexuality, ethnicity, work, the media, history, scandal, desire and politics. All texts will be read in translation.


  • 'Affective Affinities: Memory, Empathy and the Weight of History in the work of Herta Mueller' (awarded 2017)

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    Other supervisor: Dr Brigid Haines