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Dr Monia Acciari has been fascinated with cinema ever since she was a child. She remembers being enchanted and mesmerised by the catchy jingles and breathtaking love stories of Hollywood films, food for fantasy and imagination.

Dr Acciari grew up in Italy, where she studied cinema at the Università degli Studi di Bologna, and wrote a thesis on Federico Fellini and his radio dramas before he became a world-renowned film director. The thesis analyzed the unpublished radioplays written by Fellini during the Second World War. Experiencing the global attention on Fellini’s cinematography, and appreciating the moods, the colorfulness, the eclecticism and flavors of global cinemas, and being overwhelmed by Indian culture in her personal life, she enthusiastically moved into another exciting and vibrant world industry: Bollywood cinema. Her personal life profoundly inspired Dr Acciari's doctoral research, which she conducted at the University of Manchester with a thesis entitled “Indo-Italian screens and the Aesthetic of Emotions”. This PhD, which was funded by the AHRC, successfully explored the aesthetic implication of Bollywood within the social and cultural milieu of Italy.

Her principal research interests lie in the areas of Film and Cultural studies. Dr Acciari is particularly interested in qualitative research methods, the use of sociological and ethnographic methodologies as applied to popular culture and historical and archival research. The areas of her research are the following: popular Hindi cinema; co-productions; film festivals; cinema and emotions; media and ethnicity; film history; and cultural theory.


Currently, Dr Acciari is re-elaborating some of the concerns she raised during her PhD, expanding her research to other geographical and specialist areas, continuing the type of research she has conducted during her PhD. Her doctoral research individuated the existence of representational patterns based on the aesthetic of melancholy with its nuances and metamorphoses, which is being used to represent, narrate and construct South Asian and fused identities socially and culturally on the screens of Italy.

She is therefore interested in the notion of a metaphorical journey of Bollywood into Europe and she is currently working towards an academic article regarding the globalization of Bollywood cinema and the way it interlocks with the Welsh landscape. In addition, she is continuing to write and research on the cultural and social relationship between Italy and India. Fascinated by the dramatization of emotions in Bollywood cinema, Dr Acciari is currently drafting a book proposal to develop this under-researched subject. Furthermore, she is intrigued by the geopolitics between India and Europe that influenced the early co-productions in moving images.

Being enchanted by the world of films, Dr Acciari is writing about film festivals. Hence, apart from belonging to several international research networks dealing with film festival studies, she is a writer for the online magazine Festivalists, where she mostly writes about Indian cinema and Indian Film Festival venues.

Career History

Start Date End Date Position Held Location
August 2013 Present Honorary Research Associate Swansea University
September 2012 August 2013 Fulbright Fellow Florida International University, Miami, USA
January 2010 June 2012 Teaching Fellow in Film and Media Studies Swansea University
September 2007 December 2009 Teaching Assistant in film studies University of Manchester

Research Groups

  • Member of NECS

    European Network for Cinema and Media Studies

  • Member of Runnymede

    Academic Forum

  • Member FFA

    Film Festival Academy(UK)

  • Member of FFRN

    Film Festival Research Network

  • Member of IFFRN

    Italian Film Festival Research Network

  • SALA

    South Asian Literary Association in USA