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Ms Jill Morgan

Specialist Subjects: Land Law, Law of Trusts, Landlord and Tenant Law, Housing Law

Reader in Property Law 

Research Interests

My work is currently in the field of Landlord and Tenant Law, focusing on the contractual and proprietary characteristics of leases. I also have a particular interest in the housing rights of children and young people.  


Selected publications


Aspects of Housing Law, (Routledge-Cavendish, 2007), pp 512, ISBN 9781845680145

Landlord and Tenant Law, with M. Wilkie, P. Luxton and G. Cole (Palgrave MacMillan, 2006) pp355, ISBN 1-4039-1754-X 

Book chapters

‘The rise and fall of the implied periodic tenancy’ Modern Studies in Property Law, Vol. VI (ed. S. Bright) (Hart Publishing, 2011)

‘Leases: property, contract or more?’ Modern Studies in Property Law, Vol. V (ed. M. Dixon) (Hart Publishing 2009)

‘The child as tenant: rights and responsibilities’ in Modern Studies in Property Law, Vol. II. (ed E.J. Cooke) (2003) 

Journal Contributions  

"Digging deep: property rights in subterranean space and the challenge of carbon capture and storage" International and Comparative Law Quarterly, (2013).

"Indemnifying against flood loss in a changing environment" (with Mark Stallworthy) (2013) 33 Legal Studies 239

‘Leasehold enfranchisement: a law of unintended consequences? (2010) 75 Conv 444-60

‘Family intervention tenancies: the (de)marginalisation of social tenants?’ (2010) 15 Journal of Social Welfare and Family Law 37-46

‘Housing security in England and Wales: casualisation revisited’ (2009) 1 International Journal of Law in the Built Environment 42-58

‘New terms in new tenancies: ensuring certainty and consistency in the lease renewal process’ [2009] Journal of Business Law 92-6

‘Incorporeal hereditaments and the 1954 Act’ [2008] Journal of Business Law 263 - 268

‘Covenants and s.610 of the Housing Act 1985’ [2008] The Conveyancer 328-336

‘Reichman v Beveridge’ [2008] The Conveyancer 165-73

‘Misrepresentation and rescission: exploring the boundaries of statutory security’ [2008] The Conveyancer 81-6

‘Rights to park and occupation: not just a question of space’ [2008] Journal of Business Law 263-8

'Demolition, tenant's fixtures, and the 1954 Act' (2006) Journal of Business Law 231 – 237.

'Surrender by operation of law: does (in)action speak louder than words?' (2006) Journal of Business Law 117 - 123.

‘Rent arrears: the disproportionate effect of administrative delay’ (2005) 69 Conveyancer 524 – 544.

‘The alchemists’ search for the philosophers’ stone: the status of registered social landlords under the Human Rights Act' (2003) 66 Modern Law Review 700 -725.

Conference papers

'Embracing risk: legal responses to flooding in the UK'

(European Housing Network Annual Conference) June 2013, Universitat Rovira i Virgili, Tarragona. 

‘The rise and fall of the implied periodic tenancy’ (Modern Studies in Property Law Conference) March 2010, University of Oxford

‘Family intervention tenancies: the (de) marginalisation of social tenants?’ (RICS construction, building and real estate research conference (COBRA)) September 2009, University of Cape Town.

‘Housing conditions, repairs and rights’ (European Housing Network Annual Conference) June 2009, University of Economics, Prague.

‘Housing and security: casualisation revisited’ (RICS construction, building and real estate research conference (COBRA)) September 2008, Dublin Institute of Technology, Republic of Ireland.

‘Leases: property, contract or more?’ (Modern Studies in Property Law Conference) April 2008, University of Cambridge.

'Housing and Capacity: Displaced Youth' (Capacity and Housing symposium), January 2006, University of Liverpool.

'The UK Housing Shortage: Just a Question of Space?' (with Mark Stallworthy); (International Sociological Association, RC43 Housing and the Built Environment, International Housing Conference) June 2004, University of Toronto.


Research Supervision

"I would welcome proposals or enquiries for research into property-related legal areas, including land law, landlord and tenant law and housing law."

General Information

LLB (Soton), MPhil (Soton), Solicitor

TEL: +44 (0) 1792 602725
FAX: +44 (0) 1792 295855
E-MAIL: J.Morgan@swansea.ac.uk

Courses Taught

Level 2: Property Law I

Level 3: Property Law II