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Professor Iwan Davies

Specialist Subjects: International Commercial Law, Personal Property Security Law, Law and Economics, Law and Technology, Legal Wales

Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Internationalisation and External Affairs)

Sir Julian Hodge Professor of Law

Research Interests

My work is currently in the field of Commercial Law and International Commercial Law, and focuses, in particular, on the harmonisation of Commercial Law and especially personal property security law.

Within the context of Wales as an emerging jurisdiction, I am interested in the development of Legal Wales and especially the growth of a corpus of Welsh legal language and more generally the issue of bilingualism in the development of law and its administration.

More recently, I have conducted a mapping of the Regions of England and Wales of Legal Specialisms which is explained in terms of spatial forces of gravitation. There are geographic barriers to access to justice arising out of the "friction of distance"…


Recent Publications


Issues in International Commercial Law. ed Davies I R, pp261 (i)-(vi) (2004).

Security Interests in Mobile Equipment : ed. Davies I R, 548 pp + i–xiv (2002) (Dartmouth).

Articles and Chapter Contributions

“Technology-based small firms and the commodification of intellectual property rights” in  The reform of UK Personal Property Law (ed de Lacy)  (2010) 308-327.
(with L Mainwaring) “Territorial justice and access to knowledge: the distribution of high-level legal skills in the regions of England and Wales” (2007) 3 International Journal of the Legal Profession 237-260.
(with L Mainwaring) "Legal Services to The Regional Economy: Evidence From Wales" Tijdschrift Voor Sociale en Economishce Geografie, 98, (2007), 373-84.

"Secured Financing of Intellectual Property Assets", (2006) 3 Oxford Journal of Legal Studies 559-584.

"The Use of the Welsh Language and the Legal Process in Wales" in Pius ten Hacken (ed) Terminology, Computing and Translation (2006) pp175-192 (Gunter Nar Verlag: Tubingen)

"The Reform of English Personal Property Security Law: Functionalism and Article Nine of the Uniform Commercial Code" (2004) 24 Legal Studies 295-321.

"The Emergence of a Substantive International Legal Regime in High Value Equipment Moving Between Frontiers" [2003] JICL 351-375.

"The New Lex Mercatoria – International Interests in Mobile Equipment" (2003) 52 International Comparative Law Quarterly 151-176.

"Retention of Title Clauses in Europe and Non-Possessory Security Interests: A Secured Credit Regime Within the European Union?" Chapter 9, pp 335-376 in Davies (ed) Security Interests in Mobile Equipment (2002).

Clement, Davies, Beale "Intellectual Property Activity in Wales: A Report on the Support for Innovative SMEs Project" (2001) 1 Wales Law Journal 256-263.

"Datblygu Cyfundrefnau Rhyngwladol yng Ngweithrediadau Masnachol o Offer Symudadwy Uchel eu Gwerth ar Draws Ffiniau" (2002) 1 Cylchgrawn Cyfraith Cymru 273-279.

"Registration Documents and Certification of Title of Motor Vehicles" [2001] Journal of Business Law 489-509.

"Seminar Report: The Welsh Language and the Legal Process in Wales" (2001) 1 Wales Law Journal 19-39.

"The Challenge of Legal Wales" Law Society Lecture, National Eisteddfod of Wales 2001, 1-40.


Law Society Research Report: The Supply of Private Practice Legal Skills in Wales, (2005) pp87, ISBN 0-954-4739-7-3 ( Legal Skills in Wales )

IP Wales Research Report: Financing of Welsh SMEs & The Commodification of IP Rights , (2004) pp90 ISBN 0-9544739-5-7.

IP Wales Research Report:  Intellectual Property & Legal Expense Insurance (with Beynon and Moore) (2003) pp67 ISBN 0-9544739-06.


"Territorial Justice: Regional Distribution of Legal Services in England and Wales.", Hart Legal Workshop June 2007.

Legal Wales Conference 2007 (Convenor).


 Relevant Activities

• Chair of Monitoring Group of the Business Code of Practice, UK Finance and Leasing Association
• Legal Advisor Wales and Whitehall Inquiry of Wales Affairs Committee (House of Commons)
• Member UK Commission on Personal Indebtedness
• Member of Board of Trustees, Hamlyn Lecture Series.
• Adjunct Professor in International Commercial Law, World Maritime University, Malmö, Sweden
• Sino-British Fellowship Trust Scholar 2007
• Chair, Standards Committee, City and County of Swansea
• Barrister. Areas of Specialism: Commercial, Chancery, Civil.

Recent PhD Supervisions

• Non-possessory security interests in the Civil and Common Law Traditions.
• Mareva Injunctions: A Comparative Approach within Common Law Jurisdictions.
• Adjudication and Arbitration with Particular Reference to the Construction Industry in England and Wales.
• Housing Associations and their Legal Status in Wales.

"I would welcome proposals or enquiries for research into commercial law, including international commercial law, personal property, security law, law and economics, law and technology. In addition, I would welcome proposals on Legal Wales themes."


General Information

LLB (Cantab), LLM, PhD (Wales) of Gray’s Inn, Barrister

TEL: +44 (0) 1792 295832
FAX: +44 (0)
E-MAIL: I.R.Davies@swansea.ac.uk

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