Professor MJ McNamee

Professor MJ McNamee

MJ McNamee


Professor, College of Engineering


Specialist Subjects: Engineering Ethics; Medical Ethics (especially Sport Medicine Ethics; eating disorders; medical engineering ethics), Olympic Ethics and Philosophy; Sports Ethics (especially doping and anti doping policy and practice;); Research Ethics

BA (hons) MA MA PhD

Editor-in-Chief, Sport, Ethics and Philosophy

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V‌iew Ethics in Public Policy Making: The Case of Human Enhancement EPOCH Report  

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My research interests lie broadly in applied ethics, individually or jointly, in engineering, medicine and sport.

Selected publications

  • Denis Hauw, Michael McNamee, A critical analysis of three psychological research programs of doping behaviour, Psychology of Sport and Exercise, 2015, 16, [ISSN:14690292], [DOI: 10.1016/j.psychsport.2014.03.010]
  • Michael J. McNamee, Bradley Partridge, Lynley Anderson, Concussion in Sport: Conceptual and Ethical Issues, Kinesiology Review, 2015, 4, 2, [ISSN:2163-0453], [DOI: 10.1123/kr.2015-0011]
  • Silvia Camporesi, Michael J McNamee, Performance enhancement, elite athletes and anti doping governance: comparing human guinea pigs in pharmaceutical research and professional sports, Philosophy, Ethics, and Humanities in Medicine, 2014, 9, 1, [ISSN:1747-5341], [DOI: 10.1186/1747-5341-9-4]
  • Michael McNamee, Julian Savulescu, Stuart Willick, Ethical Considerations in Paralympic Sport: When Are Elective Treatments Allowable to Improve Sports Performance?, PM&R, 2014, 6, 8, [ISSN:19341482], [DOI: 10.1016/j.pmrj.2014.07.002]
  • Michael Mcnamee, The Spirit of Sport and the Medicalisation of Anti-Doping: Empirical and Normative Ethics, Asian Bioethics Review, 2012, 4, 4, pp.374, [ISSN:1793-9453], [DOI: 10.1353/asb.2012.0032]
  • S Camporesi, MJ McNamee, Gene Transfer for Pain: A tool to cope with the intractable, or an unethical enduranceenhancing technology?, Life Sciences, Society and Policy, 2012, 8, 1, pp.20, [ISSN:1746-5354], [DOI: 10.1186/1746-5354-8-1-20]
  • Michael Mcnamee, Shifting boundaries in sports technology and disability, is this equal rights or unfair advantage? A multidisciplinary analysis of Oscar Pistorius' Olympic Games eligibility, Disability and Society, 2011, 26, 5, [DOI: 10.1080/09687599.2011.589197]
  • Michael Mcnamee, Beyond Consent? Paternalism and Pediatric Doping, Journal of the Philosphy of Sport, 2009, 36, 2, pp.111, [ISSN:1543-2939], [DOI: 10.1080/00948705.2009.9714751]
  • Michael Mcnamee, Sports, virtues and vices: morality plays, 2008, [ISBN:9780415194099]
  • Michael John McNamee, Nursing Schadenfreude: The culpability of emotional construction, Medicine, Health Care and Philosophy, 2007, 10, 3, pp.289, [ISBN:1386-7423], [ISSN:1386-74231572-8633], [DOI: 10.1007/s11019-007-9051-9]
  • M J McNamee, Transhumanism, medical technology and slippery slopes, Journal of Medical Ethics, 2006, 32, 9, pp.513, [ISBN:0306-6800], [ISSN:0306-6800], [DOI: 10.1136/jme.2005.013789]
  • Denis Hauw, Michael McNamee, A critical analysis of three psychological research programs of doping behaviour, Psychology of Sport and Exercise, 0, 16, [ISSN:14690292], [DOI: 10.1016/j.psychsport.2014.03.010]


  • EG-168 - Engineering Professional Development (15/16)
  • EG-353 - Research Project (15/16)
  • EG-386 - Engineering Management (15/16)
  • SHPM49 - The Boundaries of Life (15/16)
  • EGGM00 - Ethics in Engineers (15/16)
  • SR-143 - Research Methods & Ethics (15/16)
  • SR-144 - Foundations in Exercise Science (15/16)
  • SR-250 - The ethics of doping: health, sport and society (15/16)
  • SRE704 - Research methods and skills (15/16)
  • SRE700 - Ethical theory, sports ethics and integrity (15/16)
  • SRE709 - Sports management and integrity (15/16)
  • SRE701 - Anti doping-ethics, policy and practice (15/16)
  • SRE705 - Olympism and the Olympic Movement (15/16)
  • SRE706 - Ability, disability and sports integrity (15/16)
  • SRE710 - Dissertation module (15/16)
  • SRE703 - Sport integrity, corruption and gambling (15/16)
  • SRE708 - Governance, Law and Sport integrity (15/16)
  • SRE707 - Sport values, fair play and integrity (15/16)

Research theses supervised


  • 2015 - Ethics of prosthetic enhancement in paralympic sport (2nd Supervisor: Mr Andrew Bloodworth)
  • 2014 - Ethics, Governance and Emerging Nanotechnology (Provisional) (2nd Supervisor: Professor Owen Guy)
  • 2014 - Risk, Doping and Rugby: An Ethical Analysis (2nd Supervisor: Mr Andrew Bloodworth)
  • 2009 - Ethico legal aspects of doping and anti doping (2nd Supervisor: Mr Richard Griffith)
  • 2004 - Exercise, health and well-being: A philosophical analysis (2nd Supervisor: Professor Steven Edwards)
  • 2003 - Local Justice in Public Leisure Services (2nd Supervisor: Zzzexternal_Supervisor)
  • 2003 - Narrow Content In the Philosophy of Mind (1st Supervisor: Professor Steven Edwards)
  • 1998 - Measuring quality of service in health sector (1st Supervisor: Dr David Rea)
  • 1997 - The history and philosophy of conceptions of air and health (1st Supervisor: Dr David Greaves)

Additional information

Research grants awarded

European Union 

  1. Framework 7 (Science and Society) “EPOCH: Ethical expertise and public policy: the case of human enhancement €1.1M) Co-

          V‌iew  Ethics in Public Policy Making: The Case of Human Enhancement EPOCH Report  

Economic and Social Research Council, UK 

  1. Emerging intersections of biomedical technology and elite sport: institutions, practices and ethics (2103-5) (£446k) Co-I 
  2. Ethical aspects of eating disorders in elite gymnastics 2010-12 (£100k) PI 
  3. Doping policy, ethics and practice Seminar Series 2009-10 (£14k) Co-I 
  4. ESRC Competition Scholarship M.A. 1986 
  5. ESRC Competition Scholarship PhD 1988

Arts and Humanities Research Council, UK 

  1. Applied Ethics and Moral Theory Seminar Series (£43k) Co-I 

Sport Scotland

  1. Evaluating Ethics and Equity Policy and Practice 2002 (£12k) PI 

UK Sport 

  1. Attitudes and values towards doping and anti doping policies and practices 
  2. 2006-10 (131k) PI
  3. Rugby Professionals’ Values and Norms 2003 (11k) PI 
  4. Tennis Coaches Values and Norms 2003 (9.5k) PI 
  5. Rugby Spectators’ Perceptions of Un/Professional Sporting Conduct (£11k) PI 
  6. Valuing Sport Surveys 2001-2 (£20k) PI 
  7. Meta-analysis of Codes of Ethical Conduct in Sports 2000 (£5k) PI 

UK Anti Doping 

  1. Anticipating doping behaviour 2011 (£18k) PI 
  2. Ph D Scholarship funding (external) “Understanding doping and risk cultures in elite sport” 2012-5  PI 

Wellcome Foundation 

  1. Genetics, ethics and sports medicine (£5k) Symposium funding at ICSEMIS 2012 (Pre Olympic Scientific Congress)

Visiting professorships and awards

I currently hold two visiting professorships:

  1. Visiting Professor, Olympic Chair Henri de Baillet Latour/Jaques Rogge (University of Ghent and Universitie Catholique de Louvain, Belgium, 2013-4)
  2. Visiting Professor, Sports Ethics (Hunan University, China, 2013-6)

I have been awarded:

  1. University of Canterbury, New Zealand Erskine Fellow (Funded Visiting Professor, 2012)
  2. International Council for Sport Science and Physical Education Phillip Noel Baker Award for Research in the service of Sport Science and Physical Education (2009)
  3. International Association for the Philosophy of Sport Distinguished Scholar Award (2008)
  4. European College of Sport Science Fellow (2008+)

Editorship committees

Editor in Chief: Sport, Ethics and Philosophy (2007-)

Series Edtior: Ethics and Sports (1998) Routledge 25 Volumes:

Editorial Board Membership:

  1. Journal of the Philosophy of Sport (2000-2007)
  2. European Physical Education Review (2000+)
  3. Leisure studies (2002-4)
  4. International Journal of Sport and Health Sciences (2003+)
  5. Journal of Hospitality, Leisure, Sport and Tourism Education (HEA Journal) (2003+)
  6. Physical Culture and Sport (2009+)
  7. Performance Enhancement and Health (2012+)

Guest Editor:

  1. International Journal of Sports Policy (2011) (with B. M. J. Houlihan)
  2. Ethical Theory and Moral Practice 2011 (with T. Schramme) pp.124
  3. European Journal of Sport Science (2002) 2, 1, special issue: “Philosophy of Sport”, pp.44.
  4. Professional Ethics (2002) “Ethics of Sport” 9, 1&2 pp.156 (with S. Dixon-Drewe).
  5. Journal of Philosophy of Education (2001) 35, 4, “The Ethics of Educational Research” pp.209 (with D. Bridges).

External committee service and membership

External committee service

  1. Swiss National Sciences Foundation (2013)
  2. Economic and Social Research Council  (2012)
  3. Flanders Research Foundation (2010+)
  4. Canadian Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (2009+)
  5. Wellcome Trust: Research Foundation (2010+)
  6. Various international Professorial appointment committees (Canada, Denmark, USA, 2006+)

External committee membership

  1. Academic Member, Peer Review College, Economic and Social Research Council (2012-14)
  2. UNESCO: Working Group Member/Moderator MINEPS V: Commission 3 (Sport Integrity and anti corruption) (21012-3)
  3. European Commission, Group of Experts (Anti Doping), (2012-3)
  4. Member, Cardiff and the Vale National Health Trust, Organ Donation Committee, Wales (2009+)
  5. Member, UK Sport Social Research Advisory group (2007-9)
  6. Member, Cardiff and the Vale National Health Trust, Clinical Ethics Committee, Wales (2006+)
  7. Member, Cardiff and the Vale National Health Trust, Clinical Effectiveness Committee, Wales (2006+)
  8. Founding Vice Chair, European Philosophy of Sport Association (2007+) A
  9. External Examiner, MSc Medical Ethics and Law, Bristol University (2006-9)
  10. Member, Scientific Committee, European College of Sport Science (2005-13)
  11. Executive Member, European College of Sport Science (2003-5)
  12. Founding Chair, British Philosophy of Sport Association, (2002-3; 2003-5; 2005-7)
  13. Member, Football Association Steering Group: Ethics and Sports Equity Strategy (2002)
  14. External Examiner, BA Sport Development, University of Reading (2001-4)
  15. Executive Member, International Council for Sport Science and Physical Education (2000-4; 2008; 2008-12)