Dr Chris P Jobling

Chris P Jobling

Chris P Jobling


Senior Lecturer, College of Engineering


Specialist Subjects: 

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Selected publications


  • EG-247 - Signals and Systems (15/16)
  • EG-353 - Research Project (15/16)
  • EG-252 - Group Design Exercise (15/16)
  • EGLM03 - Modern Control Systems (15/16)

Research theses supervised


  • 2009 - Design and Performance of Mobile Networks (1st Supervisor: Dr Jason Jones)
  • 2008 - '''''Grid and cloud computing: technologies applications, market sectors and workloads''''' (2nd Supervisor: Professor Michael Webster)
  • 2006 - Developing scalable Middleware: Learning, a case study. (2nd Supervisor: Professor Oubay Hassan)
  • 2001 - The Application of UML to the Specification of Degree Schemes in Higher Education (2nd Supervisor: Dr James Proudfoot)
  • 2000 - The Application of the Unified Modelling Language to Analysis of Critical Systems (2nd Supervisor: Dr James Proudfoot)
  • 1998 - An Application of an Advice-Based Expert System in the Tuning of an Electrically Assisted Steering System (2nd Supervisor: Dr Mohamed Khanniche)
  • 1997 - Study of an Advanced Modular Control System as Applied to a Vehicle Transportation Application. (2nd Supervisor: Dr Mohamed Khanniche)


  • 2004 - An assessment of the usability of Aspect-Oriented programming and the usability of current implementatoins (2nd Supervisor: Professor Philip Mawby)


  • 2011 - '''Learning Control Systems using Peer Instruction, Case-Studies and a Flipped Classroom'''