Dr Charlie Dunnill

Dr Charlie Dunnill

Charlie Dunnill


Senior Lecturer, College of Engineering


I work in the New Energy Safety Research Institute ESRI and have many interests in the field of energy.

Primarily my focus is in utilising Hydrogen as an energy vector for renewable energy.

I work with hydrogen production and management technology including photocatalytic materials that can be used for the generation of hydrogen and hydrogen detectors. 

Here is my professional blog  www.Charles.Dunnill.me

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  • Hydrogen as an energy vector.
  • Photoctalytic water splitting.
  • Proton pumping for hydrogen detection.

Selected publications

  • Virginia Gomez, Charles W. Dunnill, Andrew R. Barron, A microwave cured flux for the adhesion of ceramic particles using silica coated carbon nanotubes, Carbon, 2015, 93, [ISSN:00086223], [DOI: 10.1016/j.carbon.2015.06.006]
  • Charles W. Dunnill, UV Blocking Glass: Low Cost Filters for Visible Light Photocatalytic Assessment, International Journal of Photoenergy, 2014, 2014, [ISSN:1110-662X], [DOI: 10.1155/2014/407027]


  • EG-062 - Development of Key Skills for Engineers (15/16)
  • EG-386 - Engineering Management (15/16)

Research theses supervised


  • 2016 - Novel Sorbent Materials for Carbon Dioxide Capture (1st Supervisor: Dr Enrico Andreoli)
  • 2015 - Renewable energy storage as green hydrogen via electrolytic water splitting (2nd Supervisor: Dr Enrico Andreoli)
  • 2015 - Solar energy harvesting by photocatalytic biphasic water splitting catalysts (2nd Supervisor: Dr Enrico Andreoli)
  • 2015 - Novel Materials and Processes for Carbon Dioxide Utilisation (1st Supervisor: Dr Enrico Andreoli)