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Professor Colin Trotman

Specialist Subjects: Director of Adult Continuing Education and Head of Department

Professor Trotman was appointed as Head of Department in Adult Continuing Education from September 1999 and as Director of Adult Continuing Education from April 2003.


BSc (Econ) 2:1 in Sociology (1982-1985)
PhD “Attitudinal and Behavioural Response to Changing Patterns of Technological and Organisation Innovation” (1987-1993) in Sociology (awarded in 1993).

Research interests

Widening Access, Participation in Higher Education, Access to Higher Education, Social Exclusion, Education and Social Class, Trade Union Studies, Community Studies.

Courses Taught

Prep for BA Humanities Sociology
Part-time Degree Sociology


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Membership of interest groups/professional bodies

Chairperson, Universities Association for Lifelong Learning (Cymru)
Regional Learning Partnership, Adult Community Learning Strategic Sub-group.
Vice Chair, Universities Association for Lifelong Learning (UK).
Member of Swansea Adult Community Learning Strategy Group.
Member of Pembrokeshire Learning Network, Steering Group.
Member of Neath Port Talbot Learning Partnership.

General Information

TEL: +44 (0) 01792 295277
FAX: +44 (0)
E-MAIL: c.trotman@swansea.ac.uk

Courses Taught