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Mr John Powell Ward, Honorary Research Fellow

Specialist Subjects: Wordsworth, Hardy and R S Thomas

John Powell Ward was educated at Toronto and Cambridge universities. He taught at the University of Wales, Swansea, where he is now an Honorary Research Fellow. As well as well-received critical books on Wordsworth, Hardy and R S Thomas, he has written three important studies of poetry in relation to sociology, Englishness, and the alphabet. His exhibition of experimental poetry, "Poetry or Type", has appeared at three literary festivals. In 1985 he won the Welsh Arts Council Poetry Award. He edited Poetry Wales from 1975–80 and has published seven collections, including Selected and New Poems (Seren 2004).

John Powell Ward's Chief Publications Books, Articles, Poetry


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University of Wales, Swansea 1976) pp.94

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2004 The Spell of the Song: Letters, Meaning, and English Poetry (Fairleigh-Dickinson University Press USA), pages 495. ('Outstanding Academic Title' Citation, Choice magazine, 2005)

editor of Poetry Wales 1975-1980

editor of Borderlines Books Series (Seren Books) 1990-present; 22 titles.


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1969 The Other Man (Christopher Davies Ltd)

1972 The Line of Knowledge (pamphlet) (Christopher Davies Ltd)

1981 Things (pamphlet) (Bran's Head Press)

1981 To Get Clear (Poetry Wales Press)

1984 The Clearing (Poetry Wales Press)

(Welsh Arts Council Poetry Prize for 1985)

1993 A Certain Marvellous Thing (Seren Books)

1996 Genesis (Seren Books)

1999 Late Thoughts in March (Seren Books)

2004 Selected and New Poems (Seren Books)

Individual poems in:

Acumen, Anglo-Welsh Review, Aquarius, Bananas, Brangle, Bete Noire, Charles Lamb Bulletin, Contrasts, Critical Quarterly, Cumberland Poetry Review (USA), The David Jones Journal, Delta, English, Envoi, The Frogmore Papers, Glasgow Herald, Granta, Helix (Australia), The Independent, The Interpreter's House, Iota, Labrys, The Listener, Literary Review and Quarto, Littack, London Magazine, London Welshman, Magma, New Welsh Review, New Poetry, Oasis, Orbis, Other Poetry, Outposts, Pink Peace, Planet, Poetry Australia, Poetry Chicago (USA), Poetry Durham, P N Review, Poetry Nottingham, Poetry Review, Poetry Wales, Poetry London Newsletter, The Poet's Voice, Proof, Quattrocento, The Rialto, Samphire, Scintilla, Second Aeon, Seventh Quarry, Spectrum, Staple, Swansea Review, The Thomas Hardy Journal, Thumbscrew, Times Literary Supplement, Transatlantic Review, Tribune, Twentieth Century, Urbane Gorilla, The Use of English, Webster Review (USA), Wire, Workshop New Poetry"c11">, BBC Radio 3, 4 and Wales; and 36 anthologies to date.

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BA (Toronto, Classics and English), MA (Cantab, English), MSc (Econ) (Wales, social anthropology)

College of Arts and Humanities, English
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