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Professor Paul Michael Meara

Specialist Subjects: Psycholinguistics, Bilingualism, Second Language Acquisition, Computer modelling, Research Methods

I came to Swansea in 1990 with a brief to set up a research group working on second language acquisition. Out of this grew the Vocabulary Acquisition Research Group, a significant international research team, which supports a network of currently twenty two research students all working in the general area of Second Language Lexical Processes.

I have served as Associate Dean and Dean of Swansea's postgraduate Faculty, was Chair of the British Association for Applied Linguistics (1991-95), Vice-Chair of EuroSLA (2005-2007). I also served on the ESRC's Training Board (1998-2002) and was Chair of the Institute of Linguist's Examination Review Board from 1999-2006. I am currently the Wales representative of the EU Language Competence Indicator Committee. I retired from my full-time post as Professor of Applied Linguistics in September of 2009, but continue to work in the department tidying up my few remaining PhD students.

Recent invited lectures include: La Rioja University (2009), EuroSLA (2009), and Temple University (2010). 


Some recent publications

  • (2009) Connected Words: word associations and second language lexical acquisition. Amsterdam: John Benjamins.
  • (2007) "Growing a vocabulary" EuroSLA Yearbook 7, 49-65.
  • (2007) "Simulating word associations in an L2: approaches to lexical organisation". International Journal of English Studies 7 (2) 1-20.

You can access my recent research at http://www.lognostics.co.uk/

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