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Dr. Alan Lloyd

Specialist Subjects: Egyptology; Herodotus; ancient warfare.

Research Interests:

Herodotus and the Greek tradition on Egypt, Egyptian epigraphy, ancient warfare, particularly naval history, history of Late Period and Graeco-Roman Egypt

Current Projects and Research Grants

A social history of Egypt

A study of the hieroglyphic evidence for the status and role of the Egyptian aristocracy during the Ptolemaic Period

Conferences Organised:

Death in Ancient Egypt (1983)

Gold of the Gods (1984), both in association with the Extra-Mural Department (now DACE) at Swansea 

Battle in Antiquity (April 24 1993)

What is a God?  Studies in the Nature of Greek Divinity (July 1994), both organised with colleagues in the University of Wales Institute of Classics and Ancient History

Research Groups:

The Saqqara Epigraphic Survey





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Editor of the Journal of Egyptian Archaeology 65(1979)–71(1985)

Publications Editor for EES Excavations Memoirs until 1993

Sometime Editor of Kegan Paul’s Modern Egyptology Series


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Welsh History Review.

[I have long since abandoned all reviewing as a bad use of scholarly time.]




Papers at international conferences include: Hérodote et les peuples non grecs,1988 (Fondation Hardt, Geneva); ‘ Psychology and Society in the Egyptian Cult of the Dead’ (1988, Yale).  On same USA trip also invited by the Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago to conduct the inaugural seminar in their Workshop on the Society and Religion of Ancient Egypt where I read a paper on ‘The Great Inscription of Khnumhotpe II at Beni Hasan’ (!988, Chicago); ‘Herodotus' Accounts of Egyptian Buildings’ (Johns Hopkins, 1991), ‘Herodotus on Greek Religion’ (The first International Conference of the University of Wales Institute of Classics and Ancient History at Gregynog, 1994).

 Participation as Egyptological expert in several television programmes shown on Channels 4 and 5 1998 and 2000 as well as several radio interviews.



Work In Progress:

An article on the psychology of battle in Ancient Egypt

A Social History of Egypt



Other Links of Interest:

Designed and wrote the audio-visual display on Egypt housed in the Swansea Egypt Centre

Archaeological field work: participated in the department's excavations at the Roman fort of Loughor in 1971 and 1972.  Excavated with the Egypt Exploration Society at North Saqqâra 1972–3.  Subsequently a founder-member of the Saqqâra Epigraphic Survey of the Egypt Exploration Society which began work in October 1976 on a series of Old Kingdom tombs in the Teti Pyramid Cemetery. 

Lectured widely on Egyptological and Classical subjects in many universities and institutions in the UK (e.g. Oxford, Cambridge, London, Durham, Bristol, Birmingham, Manchester, all colleges of the University of Wales, British Museum).

External examiner in Egyptology for Cambridge, Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham, UCL.

For some years a member of the Classics subject panel of the Welsh Joint Education Committee.  Member of the WJEC Ancient History sub-committee responsible for revising the A-Level Ancient History syllabus.

From 1985 until the mid 1990s a regular guest lecturer on Thomas Cook's Nile cruises. 

General Information

MA and DPhil (Oxon)

College of Arts and Humanities, History and Classics
TEL: +44 (0) 1792 205678 ext: 5188
FAX: +44 (0) 1792 295739
E-MAIL: A.B.Lloyd@swansea.ac.uk

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