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Dr Terry Holmes

Specialist Subjects: Mr Holmes is interested in German literature from the eighteenth to the twentieth century, and particularly in the connections between literature and politics.



The Rehearsal of Revolution: Georg Büchner's Politics and his Drama 'Dantons Tod' (Berne: Peter Lang, 1995). British and Irish Studies in German Language and Literature, 12. ISBN 3-906755-64-9, 214 pp.

Georg Büchner was one of the most radical revolutionaries of his time, but his drama Dantons Tod is often interpreted as an expression of political disillusionment because of its focus on the corruption and collapse of the French Revolution. This study shows that the failure of the French Revolution was a central theme of ideological controversy amongst the increasingly communist-orientated French republicans of the early 1830s. In the context of Büchner's close relationship with this movement, Dantons Tod is seen as a distinctive contribution to the doctrinal and operational debate on the extreme left. This book demonstrates how Büchner's dramatization of history served to develop and clarify his own revolutionary perspectives, not to put them in doubt.

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'Classical Blitzkrieg: The Untimely Modernity of Schlieffen's Cannae Programme', Journal of Military History, 67 (2003), 745-71.

In 2004 Mr Holmes was selected to receive a Moncado Prize for excellence in the writing of military history, for this article. The Moncado Prizes are awarded annually by the Society for Military History to the authors of the four best articles published in the Journal of Military History. Mr Holmes' article re-examines Count Alfred von Schlieffen's interpretation of the Battle of Cannae and shows the relevance of that interpretation for the development of German armoured warfare doctrine in the 1930s.


'Welcher Gedanke geht wessen Tat voraus? Zur Revolutionsproblematik bei Heine', in Aufklärung und Skepsis: Internationaler Heine-Kongreß 1997 zum 200. Geburtstag, ed. Joseph A. Kruse, Bernd Witte and Karin Füllner (Stuttgart: Metzler, 1999).

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'The Suppressed Science of Society in Leben des Galilei', in Bertolt Brecht: Centenary Essays, ed. Steve Giles and Rodney Livingstone (Amsterdam and Atlanta, GA: Rodopi, 1998 [= German Monitor, 41]), pp. 148-62.

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