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Professor Catherine Belsey

Specialist Subjects: Critical Theory, Shakespeare

Specialist Subjects: Critical Theory, Shakespeare

Catherine Belsey’s most recent book is A Future for Criticism (2011). Published in the Blackwell Manifesto series, this book puts forward the case for an increased attention to the pleasures of fiction and the way it engages readers.

She is author of Critical Practice (1980, 2002) and Poststructuralism: A Very Short Introduction (2002).Her other books include:

Shakespeare in Theory and Practice (2008)
Why Shakespeare? (2007)
Culture and the Real(2005)
Shakespeare and the Loss of Eden(1999)
Desire: Love Stories in Western Culture (1994)
John Milton: Language, Gender, Power (1988)
The Subject of Tragedy (1985)

For a commentary on aspects of her work see Textual Practice 24.6 (2010) Special Issue: Literature and Culture: The Work of Catherine Belsey

Professor Belsey’s research supports the work of GENCAS, the Centre for Research into Gender and Culture in Society, and MEMO, the Centre for Medieval and Early Modern Studies. She offers discussion classes on skills for PhD students.


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