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Dr Joanne Berry

Specialist Subjects: Roman history; Roman archaeology; Urbanisation; City life in the Roman empire; Pompeii and Herculaneum; Material culture; Consumption; Classical reception. Supervisory Research Areas:Pompeii and the Bay of Naples; The archaeology of Rome and Ostia; Roman urbanization; History of excavations.

Joanne Berry is a Roman historian and archaeologist with a particular interest in urban life and how this can shed light on wider issues of Roman society and culture. She is also interested in the intellectual history of archaeology. Much of her research to date has focused on the ancient site of Pompeii, although she is also the co-author of a forthcoming book on the Roman army (The Complete Roman Legions, with Nigel Pollard) and has co-edited (with Ray Laurence) a volume on cultural identity in the Roman world. In 2008 she founded Blogging Pompeii, a news and discussion site for Pompeii and the archaeological sites of the Bay of Naples.

Dr Berry is currently writing a chapter on urbanism in Roman Italy for a new Blackwell Companion to Roman Italy, and is working on a new book, the Complete Ancient Rome for Thames and Hudson (co-authored with Nigel Pollard). Future publications will include articles on boundaries and control in the Roman house, lamps and lighting, and the restoration of the House of the Vetti at Pompeii.



  • The Complete Pompeii (London: Thames and Hudson, 2007). Editions published in Italian, Spanish and German. Reviewed in: BMCR 2008.03.33; JRA 21 (2008), 447 – 450; The (London) Sunday Telegraph, 22 November 2007; The (London) Sunday Times, 22 December 2007 (Best History Books of 2007); The New York Times, 12 March 2009.
  • The Complete Roman Legions (with Nigel Pollard) (London: Thames and Hudson, in press, 2012)
  • (edited) Unpeeling Pompeii (Rome: Electa, 1998). Editions published in Italian, Spanish, German and French.

Book-chapters and journal articles:

  • ‘Household artefacts: towards a reinterpretation of Roman domestic space.’ In R. Laurence and A. Wallace Hadrill (eds), Domestic space in Roman world: Pompeii and beyond. Journal of Roman Archaeology Supplement 22 (1997), 183 – 195.
  • ‘The conditions of domestic life in AD79: a case-study of houses 11 and 12, Insula 9, Region I. Papers of the British School at Rome 65 (1997), 103 – 125.
  • ‘The early excavations and documentation’, as part of J-A Dickmann and F. Pirson, ‘Die Casa dei Postumii in Pompeji und ihre Insula. Fünfter Vorbericht.’ Mitteilungen des Deutschen Archäologischen Institut – Römische Abteilung, Band 109 (2002), 243 – 316.
  • ‘The Instrumentum Domesticum. A case-study'. In John J. Dobbins and Pedar W. Foss (eds), The World of Pompeii (Routledge, 2007), 292 – 301.

Recent conference papers and invited lectures:

  • February 2010: 'Staging Evcavations at Pompeii.' Wabash College 'Teaching Pompeii' Conference.
  • October 2010 ‘The People of Pompeii’, ‘Pompeii as a Roman city’, and ‘Staging Excavations at Pompeii.’ National Museum of Singapore

Principal research grants, fellowships, and prizes:

  • British Academy Postdoctoral Research Fellowship, 2000 – 2003. Held in the Department of Archaeology, University of Reading.
  • British School at Rome, Rome Scholarship in Ancient, Medieval and Later Italian Studies, 1996 – 7.
  • Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst (German Academic Exchange Service), six-month research grant, 1995 (held in Munich with Prof. Paul Zanker).
General Information

BA Hons (First Class) Ancient History, University of Reading 1992 MA (Distinction) Ancient Social and Cultural History, University of Reading 1993 Ph.D Classics, University of Reading 1997

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E-MAIL: j.t.berry@swansea.ac.uk

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CLH 284 Writing Ancient History

CLH 294/394 Pompeii and the cities of Vesuvius

CLH 384 Dissertations


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