Welcoming new Sports Science students to Swansea University

Taking your first steps as a Swansea University student. Find out about Swansea University Arrivals, Welcome and Enrolment here: www.swansea.ac.uk/arrivals

‌‌We look forward to meeting our new Sports Science students.

Students need to wear appropriate kit in practical laboratory classes and are encouraged to buy this from our range offered by our partners Kitlocker and Nike. Suggestions of what to purchase are made on the website but this is your personal choice.  

You will be able to buy a ‘School of Sport and Exercise Sciences’ hoody and / or t-shirt via our online shop – Wearing the kit will help you identify your fellow Sport and Exercise Science students at the start of the programme and we hope you will wear your Swansea University Sport and Exercise Science kit with pride!

Undergraduate Timetable

undergraduate timetable

Welcome and Induction Week 2017

DOWNLOAD the Timetable for New Undergraduate Students Induction HERE.

Postgraduate Timetable

Engineering postgraduate timetable

Welcome and Induction Week 2017

DOWNLOAD the timetable for New Postgraduate Students HERE.

When you get here

10 things to do in your first two weeks


Here are 10 things that you need to do in your first two weeks


    1. Find your way around campus
    2. Find out about buses and bus passes 
    3. Find out about University computing services
    4. Work out your timetable
    5. Visit the library
    6. Join societies and clubs
    7. Register with the health centre         
    8. Find out about the sporting facilities 
    9. Familiarise yourself with the support services
    10. Meet new people!

    Watch the video of a past College of Engineering Welcome Week

    Year 1 (Level 4) Sport and Exercise Science – Residential Trip

    As part of the induction and academic programme, all Year 1 Sport and Exercise Science (SPEX) students will go on a residential activities trip (Plas Menai, National Outdoor Centre for Wales), from Sunday 8th until Wednesday 11th of October.

    This is a fantastic couple of days - where the cohort get to know each other while taking part in a number of fun water and land-based activities (see: https://www.plasmenai.co.uk/).

    More details will follow at the Year 1 (Level 4) Welcome Talk. However, can all incoming Level 4 SPEX students please take the opportunity to check what clothes/items you would need to bring on the trip: what to bring.

    If you have any questions/queries please contact Dr Denise Hill (Denise.Hill@swansea.ac.uk)

    Welcome fair
    Welcome event