Our Strategy

We are reaching out to the wider community and applying our research to the needs and requirements of companies, organisations, charities and ordinary people.

Our area of research is sport and exercise, and innovation and engagement can result in new Products, Practices and Policies.

The applied nature of our work in A-STEM lends itself naturally to engagement within two main areas:

Golf Putting Analysis System

Golf Putting Analysis System
Careers Event

Employability Module

We have specially designed an Employability, Innovation & Engagement module, which has the following aims and objectives: 

  1. To be aware of my strengths, weaknesses and skills
  2. To understand how I can make more effective career decisions
  3. To reflect upon how I can develop my skills and to evidence these
  4. To discover what employers are looking for (enterprise, identifying a need, business planning)
  5. To develop an action plan that identifies areas of employability I need to improve 
  6. To develop an awareness of entrepreneurship, commercial activity and business skills

The module gives an insight into the possibilities which exist for students to make contributions within small and large business settings and to consider self-employment or setting up their own business. Students are asked to work in groups or teams and are asked to develop a business plan for their own business. A Dragon's Den event is held at which the students do a pitch.

Who we work with

SportsViz logo

Sportsviz Ltd is a university spinout company. A cutting-edge technology and software company which has emerged from industrially-relevant research at Swansea University.


A-STEM Collaboration

We work with multiple companies at a variety of levels. Currently we are working with:

  • Welsh Rugby Union 
  • Commando Joes
  • RedHead Consulting
  • Food Dudes
  • Military HIIT for All
  • Haemair
  • Quintic Consultancy