Sports Massage & Taping

Feeling sore, stressed or injured? Got an injury that needs support?

Sports Massage is designed to help in the prevention and management of injuries, maintain function for optimum performance and provide relief for day to day stresses and strains.

Each session lasts 45 minutes with prices varying:

  • Students - £15
  • Staff & Other Members -      £20
  • Non-Members - £25

We also offer a taping service, for more information contact Leanne Brake.



Exercise Programmes

Whether it be to improve your sporting performance, your aerobic fitness, or build up your strength, we've got you covered. Book a session with one of our instructors to talk through your goals and we'll produce a regime to help you get in to the shape you want.

Each programe is only £5, includes a walk through of your plan around the gym on your first session and can be built for a specific time scale which can be followed up with staff at a later date.



GP Referral Scheme

Feeling stressed, overworked or fatigued? Having issues managing your weight or controlling your blood pressure? Then ask your doctor if the GP Referral programme is for you.

This confidential service is delivered by our fully trained gymstaff and offers a comprehensive 12 week FREE gym programme designed to counter mild health issues with exercise. 

This programme is open to all staff and students and is only accesible with a prescription through the GP Services on Singleton Campus


Contact Jaimee Claxton for more information.

Cardiac Rehab

For patients who have been referred through their GP with ongoing cardiac conditions.

You will be managed in a small group through an exercise programme and back to health!

For more information, email Leanne Brake

Body Comp Testing

Body Composition

Interested in understanding your body composition? Want some specific measurements to be able to set and track easily interpretable goals? BodyStat & Skin-fold testing might be what you're looking for...

Skinfold Test

*This service is only available at the Bay Campus*

This test can take up to 40 minutes and requires the participant to wear shorts and be comfortable having small markings made in pen on various parts of their body. Results of this test include:

  • More accurate body fat percentages
  • An understanding of you skeletal structure and its impact upon your build and metabolic rates

For Skin-fold testing contact Jordan Poole.

BodyStat Test

A quick and non-invasive test that gives a general overview of body composition, including:

  • Body fat percentage
  • Lean body mass
  • Estimated metabolic rates
  • Body water weight

For the most accurate results it is recommend that you have not eaten or had a drink within 4 to 5 hours prior, undertaken exercise in the last 12 hours, or had any alcohol or caffeine up to 24 hour before you are tested. Hormonal cycles and certain medications can also affect the results.

Book your BodyStat with a Gym Instructor for only £3!

How To Book

All of the services on this page can be booked in person at the International Sports Village based at Sketty Lane.

Members can also phone the UniGym directly to reserve a time slot on 01792 543554.

Alternatively you can email our Unigym staff directly