Alumni membership

Alumni who wish to join or stay on as members have the following payment options:

  • £3.20 PAYG
  • £147 for 6 months*
  • £257 for 12 months*
  • £24.50 per month (direct debit)*


*These memberships include unlimited use of gym, access to fitness classes (subject to availability) and free entry to off peak racket sports (booking fees still apply).


A £5 initial joining fee applies to all new members which includes first session and induction if PAYG.


Gym Induction

If you're joining as a new member, you have the option of either:

  • A full gym induction where gym staff will show them how to use all machinery


  • A fast track induction for users who feel confident that they are competent in a gym environment and do not need to be shown.