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Swimming at Swansea University

Swansea University aims to provide a pathway to swimming excellence and equitable participation opportunities for all students.

Whether you are an aspiring Olympian/Paralympian or even if you are just starting out in swimming, the inspirational setting of the Wales National Pool, conveniently located in the University’s Sports Village, provides first class facilities and is at the forefront of the development and enhancement of aquatic sports in Britain.

Built to world governing body (FINA) standards, it is also home to one of only five British Swimming's Intensive Training Centres (ITC) used to train swimmers for the London 2012 Olympics. The facility, which also has a 25m × 9.5m training pool and 1,200 spectator seats, is used to train Wales' world class aquatic sports athletes and houses the headquarters of the Wales Amateur Swimming Association.

The Pool has a strong focus on performance sport, supporting athletes with a fully integrated training programmes and a superb environment conducive to high-performance training.

Visit the Wales National Pool website.

Swansea Performance Centre

Swim Wales & Swansea University Performance Swim Programme

The Swim Wales and University Performance Programme is now entering its fourth year and has already seen a number of its swimmers achieve success at national and international levels.

The Programme provides a fully structured and integrated training programme allowing students to both excel in the pool and in the classroom. With strong links with Swim Wales, British Swimming, British Disability Swimming and Swim Swansea, students have the opportunity to access world-class facilities, coaches, sports and exercise scientists, physiotherapy, and strength and conditioning - all under one roof.

The Programme expects athletes to swim a minimum of 9 sessions per week with additional gym based work. 8 of the 10 available sessions are swum long course, with two short course sessions.

Session Times

Monday:          6:00-8:00am    5:30-7:30pm

Tuesday:         6:00-8:00am    5:30-7:30pm (25m)

Wednesday:    6:00-8:00am    5:30-7:30pm

Thursday:        OFF                5:30-7:30pm (25m)

Friday:             6:00-8:00am    5:30-7:30pm

Saturday:        9:30-11:30am

High Performance Swimming

British Swimming Intensive Training Centre

Any swimmer applying to Swansea Intensive Training Centre must be approved by the National Head Coach National Performance Director. A maximum of 16 swimmers are eligible to swim in the two Intensive Training Centre groups.

Training Schedule

Monday:          6:00-8:00am    3:00-5:30pm

Tuesday:         6:00-8:00am    3:00-5:30pm (25m)

Wednesday:    6:00-8:00am    3:00-5:30pm

Thursday:        6:00-8:00am    3:00-5:30pm (25m)

Friday:             6:00-8:00am    3:00-5:30pm

Saturday:        7:00-9:30am


High Performance Head Coach: Bud Mc Allister

Assistant Coach: Graham Bassi

British Disability Swimming Head Coach: Billy Pye

Dryland and Weight Training

All swimmers have full access to the gym and will have an individual program set up for their specific needs by Strength and Conditioning Coach at British Swimming, Spencer Fuge.

Swimming Club

Swansea University Swimming Club

Whether you want to swim competitively or recreationally, Swansea University Swimming Club will be suitable for you. The Club competes regularly in BUCS competitions, and Swim Wales and British Swimming meets with many of the Club’s swimmers representing Wales and Great Britain teams.


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List of Squads

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Qualifying Criteria

Qualifying criteria will be available soon


Sports Scholarships

Nurturing international success

The University has produced numerous talented sportsmen and women over the years, and some have been products of the 'Elite Athletes' Scholarship Scheme.

Each year the University offers several undergraduate entrance scholarships for outstanding students in their sporting activity. Each scholarship is worth £1000 per annum and is renewable for three years.

The scheme aims to cover the enormous spectrum of talent, which young people reveal in individual and team sports. We look for students who not only satisfy the normal academic requirements for admission but who have also demonstrated outstanding ability in whatever sporting sphere they have made their speciality.

Learn more about our Sports Scholarships


Swimmers may either find their own accommodation or contact Swim Wales who have rooms available in houses near the pool. The Performance Programme has dedicated first year accommodation within walking distance of the Wales National Pool, and is deemed a ‘quiet zone’, allowing swimmers to get the sleep they need before the next morning workout.

There is also accommodation available within the Halls of Residence at Swansea University. All swimmers pay for their own accommodation.