Prior to the Gold coast we have taken time to get to know our athletes & find out more about their journey to the 2018 Commonwealth Games.

Former Student, Georgia Davies

How has your preparation and training been in the build-up to the games?

My training has been going well in the build-up since Christmas. I was struggling with a shoulder injury throughout December but thankfully I have been able to train fully since January. 

I raced in Luxembourg in January and the time I posted in the 50m backstroke is currently ranked number 1 in the world at this stage. It was a really positive swim to come back from a small injury. 

What does a typical week of training look like?

I train 9-10 pool sessions as well as three weights and two core stability sessions per week. With me being a sprinter in the pool, I find that weights are really important to make me feel explosive and powerful. My pool sessions can vary from 2km to 6km which can take either 30mins or two hours. Most of my sessions focus on good technique as well as lots of sprinting. 

What does a typical day’s food intake look like?

Usually I have breakfast before my morning session. I will have porridge and some fruit or maybe poached eggs on toast. And always coffee! Then for lunch usually a salad with some protein and maybe pasta if I have a heavier training day. 

At dinner time I just eat a balance of vegetables, meat and some form of carbs. I try to eat healthily as much as possible but always everything in moderation. 

I'm currently training in a sports centre in Turkey and we have a selection of food catered for us daily which makes it easy to make good choices. 

What motivates you to keep on training and competing?

I'm just so competitive and like to see what my body is capable of. Swimming can be won or lost by the smallest of margins and I like to try and improve on small details and see if I can get personal best times. I really enjoy being active and spending my days training makes me so happy. 

Do you have any individuals who have helped /inspired you to get to the position you are in?

My family have always supported me so much and in more recent times my boyfriend too. They always try to encourage me to do what I love. I've also been really lucky to have great coaches over my career who I'm different ways have helped me achieve my goals so far. 

How are you feeling about representing Team Wales for a 3rd time?

The Commonwealth’s are my favourite games because it's the only time I get to represent Wales. Our team is often smaller than some of the other countries but it's a great team this year with some really talented swimmers. Also we all get along really well which is so nice. I have so many fond memories from Delhi and Glasgow and since the Australians love sport so much, especially swimming, I can't wait to see what kind of show they put on.  

What I your favourite thing about being part of Team Wales?

The closeness of everyone within the team means we all get along and want each other to succeed. I have been on teams with Jazz Carlin since I was 16 at European Juniors so that was 11years ago! 

What have been your favourite Commonwealth Games?

Glasgow. It's the only international gold that I've won individually and to stand on top of the podium and hear the Welsh national anthem play was unreal. 

What are your goals and expectations for the 2018 games?

I would love to defend my title in the 50m backstroke. That would be the best feeling. I am also hoping that I can swim a personal best time. 

Who are your biggest competitors?

The Canadians are really strong in women's swimming at the moment as well as the Australians. They each have three strong girls in the backstroke events. Also there are some great English and Scottish girls. 

Are you still studying law and do you plan on pursuing it after you finish swimming?

I put my Law Degree on hold after leaving Swansea University to focus on my swimming and being a full time athlete. I'm currently studying a business and sports management course online. It's really flexible and I can take each module at a time which is great with competitions and training abroad. 

I'm not entirely sure what I want to do as a career after I retire from swimming. I love the idea of working in sports media and I am definitely interested to find out more about that. 

Would you recommend Swansea University to potential student swimmers?

Yes definitely. I was really lucky to have a great tutor who was very understanding. She tried to be as flexible as possible when I had competitions and they let me split my second year to be able to juggle both swimming and studying