Ravi Nyaupane

Name: Ravindra Nyaupane

Year of study: 2

PhD title: CSR in the community: what is the value?

What is your research about: My doctoral research looks onto CSR projects in the community, its value creation process and critical evaluation of how different stakeholders define and value it.

Have you published any research yet:

BAM conference 2015 Portsmouth (conversation paper)

BNAC conference 2016 Liverpool (full conference paper) http://bnac.ac.uk/bnac-event/14thnsd-april-2016-ljmu/

CBS Denmark 2016 : International Conference on Business, Policy and Sustainability (full paper with co-author) http://www.tilmeld.dk/sustainability16/about-the-conference.html

What do you like best about studying a PhD here at the School of Management: Good space (research desk, lounge); general support; research seminar series; seminar teaching opportunity; annual departmental conference

Any advice for any prospective PhD students:

Know your research topic seriously.

Your potential supervisor will greatly help you in shaping your research idea and proposal, so feel confident to ask him/her (and sometimes year II or III PhD students might help as well).