The MSc Management is available as a generalist programme which gives you the freedom to pick from a range of optional modules in your second semester or with specific named pathways that allow you to specialise in a specific area of business (and this will feature on your final degree certificate).

Click on the name of any pathway for more information:

  • Generalist MSc Management - for you to create your own mix of specialist modules
  • Marketing - focused on the challenges of global marketing activities
  • Finance – for students interested in financial aspects of management
  • Human Resource Management – focused on the challenges of leadership and managing a global work force
  • Entrepreneurship – for students interested in the dynamics of starting their own business
  • Operations & Supply Management – focused on the management of global operations and supply networks
  • International Management – considers contemporary management practice in a global setting
  • International Standards – focused on the role of internationals standards (such as ISO) in quality improvement
  • Business Analytics – to equip students to work in the era of ‘big data’
  • E-Business  - investigates the challenges and opportunities of global information systems networks and e-commerce
  • Tourism - For students interested in analysing and challenging the assumptions of one of the world's largest and fastest growing industries.

Students have the freedom to change pathway up until the end of the first semester so you can try different areas of management before picking a final specialisation. If you are uncertain of which pathway to study, you may apply for the MSc Management generalist programme and transfer to a pathway at the end of your first semester. 

Alternatively we have a Doctoral research programme for graduates interested in undertaking a PhD in the School of Management.

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