Teaching timetables can be accessed via your 'MyUni' account at http://myuni.swan.ac.uk

1. Click the Intranet link

2. Log into the Intranet

3. Click 'Link to Services' on your student profile, where timetable links can be found.

Timetables can be viewed by module, room, department, lecture or programme of study.

Personal timetables

You can access your personal timetable by visiting: http://mytimetable.swansea.ac.uk/ 

Sign in using your University username (student ID) and password. 

Please note, this year students will not be able to select their own seminar groups/times, they will be assigned to you to fit in with your timetable. If you see that you have a clash, only then will we be able to change your seminar group. 

If you have a clash on your timetable please email somsupport@swansea.ac.uk or visit the Student Information Office.

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