Collaborate on Research

The School of Management is committed to driving forward the boundaries of academic thought and practice across all our faculty areas.  We are home to five academic departments and a range of research centres that range from lean operations to empirical finance and social media.

We continue to build a wide range of research programmes designed to deliver real business and economic improvement.  We have worked with everyone from blue chip corporate clients through to local micro businesses, as well as a range of national and regional government agencies and bodies.

Our research is always fed in to our teaching by our experienced and dedicated faculty.  All of our teaching is delivered by our own faculty, ably assisted by external engagement activity from industry, and is focused on giving our students the best possible start to their careers.

The School of Management can provide high quality consultancy and research driven by academic theory which will inform, innovate and improve your organisational policies, procedures and people.

We can assist with an extensive and diverse range of organisational needs. Academic staff within the School are currently searching to apply their research and expertise to areas such as:

  • Credit risk modelling
  • Understanding Highly Reliable Organisations (HROs)
  • Analysis of data sets relating to consumers’ intentions toward digital innovations

Key facts from the School’s performance in the Research Excellence Framework (REF) 2014:

  • Top 30 in UK on overall Research Excellence Framework – up 11 places for business and 33 percentage places for economics, so all of our students now graduate from a top 30 business school in a top 30 university (Swansea University ranked 26th overall in REF 2014)
  • 2nd in UK for overall international quality research
  • 3rd in UK for international quality research publications (1st in Wales)
  • 1st in Wales for world-leading research impact

If you are interested in formulating a research orientated relationship with the School, please get in touch with the External Relations Office.