We are part of the Green Impact Sustainability Scheme - a university environmental accreditation awards scheme to help encourage and promote positive environmental sustainability in the workplace. The National Green Impact Scheme is currently working with around 50 universities and colleagues in the UK in which Swansea University is proud to be part of. SEACAMS received a gold award for office sustainability in 2012 and is currently in the process of gaining an award for the SEACAMS laboratories. These pages showcases some of SEACAMS' involvement in sustainability issues and guidance on how to strive to become greener.

Gold award for office sustainability!

Gold award for office sustainability

SEACAMS scoops Gold Award for office sustainability!

On Thursday 03 May 2012 Swansea University held its first Green Impact awards ceremony in which SEACAMS gained the very first Gold award for office sustianabilty as part of the scheme. The team ensured that all of the rigorous criteria were met and ensured the dissemination of information regarding office sustainability practices. We adopted a composting system for office food waste right through to encouraging birdlife in the biosciences gardens.

Green Impact Gold Award 2012 from Pro VC Iwan Davies

Green Impact Gold Award

Creating a 'greener' office

Creating a 'greener' office

Saving energy and water are important but other small changes can make a big difference. Some of the changes that we have put into place are in our hints and tips below on how to make your office environment 'greener':


  • Only buying Fairtrade or Organic tea, coffee and milk supplies
  • Ensuring you only boil the kettle for how much water you need
  • Switching off lights, switches and monitors when leaving the room
  • Composting food waste
  • Recycling - from office furniture to stamps and batteries
  • Encouraging black and white and double-sided printing
  • Ensuring all staff are aware of the new policies
  • Creating a 'Green Board'

Sustainable Lab 2013

Sustainable Lab 2013

This year SEACAMS are committed to achieving a Green Impact award status for our laboratories at Swansea University. The laboratory Green Impact criteria has been carried out by our three SEACAMS technicians which ensures we are at the forefront of saving energy and water, in addition to recycling. The scheme has also enabled us to put efficient and sustainable processes and practices for chemicals, cold storage, ventilation and heating in place. The outcome of our audit on the 22 March will decipher which award we'll obtain. The awards ceremony is scheduled to take place on the 02 May 2012.

Green Impact Laboratory Gold Award 2013 from VC Richard Davies

Receiving Laboratory Green Impact Gold Award from VC Richard Davies

Developing a sustainable lab

Developing a sustainable lab

Involvement in the Green Impact scheme has meant positive changes in behaviour and attitudes of students and staff working within a laboratory environment. Effective dissemination, procedures and policies of sustainable practices has helped us reduce our energy and water consumption. A list of some other changes we've adopted are listed below:

  • Regular defrosting of cold storage
  • An effective sample and chemical log 
  • Ensuring leaks and spillages are reported
  • Logging liquid disposal 
  • Recycling procedures put in place
  • Ensuring staff responsibilities for sustainable issues
  • Regular audits are carried out
  • Scientific equipment is shared and maintained