Biodiversity Day at Swansea University

As part of Swansea University’s Environment Week, SEACAMS was invited to help out on Biodiversity Day, 3rd March 2011, setting up a stand alongside the Conservation Society. The marine and coastal nature of SEACAMS, depicted the theme of the stand which concentrated on the seashore and the marine environment. To attract people to the stand, a rocky shore tank was set up containing a few local species sourced from the nearby Bracelet Bay, such as limpets, shrimps, sea anemones and starfish. A few simple marine themed games were produced to make the stand more interactive, with prizes to lure people into taking part.

The day was a perfect opportunity to inform people and businesses based at Swansea University about SEACAMS and other biodiversity related projects that the University is involved with.

Dr. Victoria Hobson from EcoJel, a project researching the distribution and abundance of jellyfish, also joined the SEACAMS stand to inform people about the project as well as what to do if you get stung and how to identify local species.

The whole day was made successful by the help and support of all those involved, including stands from Swansea council’s Biodiversity officer, Jo Mullett, and literature from the Marine Conservation Society.

Our local bird expert, and SEACAMS team member, Ian Tew provided a beautiful slideshow identifying the birds of the Gower, showcasing his collection of stunning photos.

Judith Oakley of Oakley Intertidal was kind enough to donate one of the competition prizes, her ‘Seashore Safaris’ guide, won by student Cerian Thomas. The other prize was very generously donated by the University campus Waterstone’s bookshop, who also created their own stand containing books of with reference to biodiversity and local wildlife. Local radio station Swansea Wave was present to broadcast from the event and invited listeners to visit the SEACAMS stand to take part in the competitions and learn more about how businesses can benefit from SEACAMS.

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