BioBlitz 2012 - Biodiversity 24 hour event

Bioblitz is a large scale 24 hour biodiversity recording event being held on Saturday 21st June 2012, involving large volunteering numbers of the public and scientists. The event aims at surveying in detail plant and animal species found within a large natural space.

More information on BIOBLITZ can be found at

SEACAMS staff Chiara Bertelli and Anouska Mendzil are helping to organise the event in conjunction with Planed (Pembrokeshire Local Action Network for Enterprise and Development) at Stackpole estate, Pembrokeshire.

There are a number of other organisations also involved in the event - which can be found on the event poster (above).

If you have any enquiries regarding the event or details of how to get involved as a volunteer - Get in touch with Chiara Bertelli on or Anouska Mendzil Further details of the event are below.

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