Swansea Geography Spring Lecture, Wednesday 22 March 2017

Grove Lecture Theatre, Grove Building, Swansea University, 13:30-15:00

On shaky ground: earthquake hazards and disasters

Dr Geraint Owen

Suitable for Geography and geology students in Year 12


Understanding natural hazards and how societies cope with living in hazardous regions is a key topic in Geography and Geology.  Despite improvements in our understanding of natural processes and how to limit their harmful consequences, losses continue to increase, both in terms of lives lost and the economic cost. 

There have been several devastating events in recent years and, increasingly, the effects of major disasters arebecoming global in their impact.

This lecture will focus on earthquakes and their associated hazards.  Through a series of demonstrations and case studies, we will explore what earthquakes are, why they happen and where we should expect them to occur.  We will investigate the ways in which earthquakes represent a risk to society, including not only damage to structures and communications caused by shaking, but also secondary effects such as liquefaction, landslides and tsunamis.  We will assess the ways in which society can reduce the risks associated with earthquakes, from providing warnings to strengthening buildings and making sure that individuals are fully aware of how to behave in the event of an earthquake.  

To book your places please email Alison Royal – a.royal@swansea.ac.uk

Geraint Owen is an Associate Professor in Geology and Physical Geography.  He teaches a module on understanding and living with natural hazards and disasters and his research includes the study of features preserved in rocks that formed through liquefaction in past earthquakes.