Science without Borders

PhD Research Projects Available

Science without Borders - the Brazilian scientific mobility programme

Biosciences-PhD opportunities

Dr Andrew King Born or made? Measuring and manipulating social roles in animal collectives
Dr Carlos Garcia de Leaniz Addressing the impacts of invasive fishes on Brazil's native fauna
Dr Carlos Garcia de Leaniz Addressing the impacts of invasive fishes on Colombia's native fauna
Dr Dan Eastwood High value chemicals from the decomposition of lignin by cultivated mushroom spe
Dr Mike Fowler Eco-Evolutionary Food Web Dynamics Under Coloured Environmental Variation

Computer Science-PhD opportunities

Dr Xianghua Xie Computer Vision and Medical Image Analysis
Dr Robert Laramee Visualization of Animal Sensor Data
Dr Robert Laramee Special Topics in Information Visualization : Interactive Parallel Coordinates
Dr Robert Laramee Special Topics in Flow Visualization : Visualizing Flow Past a Marine Turbine
Dr Mark Jones

Visual Computing: Visualisation and Rendering 

Geography-PhD opportunities

Prof Rory Walsh Assessing erosional impacts of rainforest logging, oil palm conversion and riparian forest zones in Borneo
Dr Mary Gagen, Dr Iain Robertson Tropical Dendrochronology
Dr Adrian Luckman, Dr Ian Rutt Calving patterns of Antarctic tidewater glaciers
Dr Bernd Kulessa, Dr Adrian Luckman NERC CASE Project: Hydrological forcing of rapid ice flow of Kronebreen marine-terminating glacier, Svalbard
Dr Adrian LuckmanDr Bernd Kulessa Quantifying the extent of marine ice in Antarctic ice shelves
Dr John Hiemstra Resolving the extent and style of glaciation at the last glacial maximum in south-west Wales
Dr Natascha Kljun, Dr Sietse Los

Physics-PhD opportunities

Prof Mike Charlton, Dr Stefan Eriksson, Dr Niels Madsen, Dr Dirk van der Werf CPT conservation tests using antihydrogen
Prof Mike Charlton, Dr Stefan Eriksson, Dr Niels Madsen, Dr Dirk van der Werf  Measuring the gravitational acceleration of antihydrogen
Prof Mike Charlton, Dr Dirk van der Werf Positron physics
Dr Dirk van der Werf, Dr Stefan Eriksson  Measurement of the neutron electric dipole moment
Dr Stefan Eriksson  Atomic physics, quantum optics and photonics
Dr Will Bryan Femtosecond electron pulses for time-resolved duffraction and microscopy
Dr Will Bryan  Observing vibrational and electronic excitation in photo-active molecules using two-dimensional photon echo spectroscopy
Dr Will Bryan, Dr Stefan Eriksson Generating, observing and controlling ultracold molecules with ultrafast lasers
Dr Peter Dunstan  Nanotechnology and bio-nano applications of scanning probe techniques
Dr Sajun Wu Imaging single atoms near a structured surface
Dr Sajun Wu   Toward guided lithium matterwave interferometer
Dr Sophie Schirmer New Paradigms for Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)
Dr Sophie Schirmer  Making Friends with The Enemy :  Quantum Control by Environment, Measurement and Feedback Backaction
Dr Sophie Schirmer  Get to Know Thy System : Creating novel tools for experimental characterization of quantum dynamics
Dr Sophie Schirmer  Robust Quantum Logic Gates via Optimal Control Design
Dr Maurizio Piai Strong Coupling Dynamics at the LHC
Dr Adi Armoni Interplay between gauge theory and string theory
Prof Tim Hollowood Integrability in Quantum Field and String Theory
Prof Graham Shore QFT in curved space-time
Prof David Dunbar, Dr Warren Perkins Advanced Analytic Techniques For Perturbative Amplitude Calculations
Prof Chris Allton Lattice simulations of hadronic operators
Prof Simon Hands, Prof Gert Aarts Strongly interacting matter under extreme conditions
Prof Gert Aarts The sign problem at finite density
Dr Prem Kumar Black hole physics and singularities in string theory
Prof Carlos Nunez Gravity Duals of supersymmetric gauge theories
Prof Biagio Lucini

Strongly Interacting SU(N) Gauge Theories

For further information on the Science without Borders programme and the available PhD projects, please contact Mrs Cristina Monteiro-Mudresh, International Officer