Equality and Diversity Committee

We are committed to supporting the college's strategic aim to build a supportive, inclusive and highly motivated staff and student environment and community. We are working towards ensuring the College of Science departments adhere to the principles of inclusiveness, widening participation and openness. 

Our main responsibilities and remit include:

  • raise awareness of equality and diversity issues amongst students and staff
  • identify obstacles and problem areas within the college and its departments
  • identify equality and diversity priorities
  • take action to address these priorities
  • monitor the progress of these actions

Athena SWAN Departmental Champions

Download image:  Athena SWAN champion pdf

Athena SWAN COS champion image

Self-Assessment Team (SAT)


In order to manage and draft an Athena SWAN submission, a Self-Assessment Team (SAT), or equivalent group, must be established. The SAT's role is to oversee the application process, analyse baseline data and produce an detailed action plan. 

The College of Science SAT will ensure that the Athena SWAN Principles are embedded throughout the College of Science, particularly throughout their departments, by overseeing the implementation of their college action plan (2014-2017). The College of Science SAT will also monitor the progress of four Working Groups that have each been tasked with overseeing a section of the action plan.

The SAT reports to the University Athena SWAN Strategy Group, University Self-Assessment Team and Equal Opportunities Committee.

The College of Science SAT is chaired by Prof. Carole Llewellyn and Anouska Mendzil as the deputy chair. Please see below about members of our SAT team. We have other members of staff (including proffessional services staff), students and managers who actively support the initiative (not listed).

CoS SAT details

Frequency of Meetings

The SAT meet every 6 weeks. Details of the next SAT meeting are published on the Equality in Science homepage.


We have estbablished Athena SWAN champions in all 5 of our College of Science departments:

- Biosciences - Wendy Harris

- Computer Science - Anton Setzer

- Geography - Emilia Urbanek

- Mathematics - Jeff Giansiracusa 

- Physics - Carlos Nunez

Photos of the College champions are displayed at the top of the this webpage. Please speak to your departmental champion about any equality issues in your department.

Working Groups

Four Working Groups have been established in the College of Science to deliver the actions set out in the action plan. The Working Groups report to the SAT at each College of Science SAT meeting and meet frequently as a Working Group, commonly on a six week basis.

The four Working Groups and their associated Working Group lead* are listed below:

  • Data Assimilation Working Group (Anouska Mendzil)
  • Equality in transition of students Working Group (Wendy Harris)
  • Equality in staff appointments and career transition Working Group (Sonia Consuegra) 
  • Culture, communications and raising awareness Working Group (Anton Setzer)

*Contact details for Working Group leads can be found in the SAT tab.

Get Involved

If you would like to become part of the Athena SWAN Self-Assessment Team, have ideas for change in your department or would like to find out more about Athena SWAN in the College of Science, please contact us.

If you're a student and are interested in becoming a student champion, please get in contact.

We are continually welcoming new members.

Have your say!

We welcome and encourage your views and ideas for change on equality and diversity in the College of Science (staff and students). 

Visit the Equal Opportunities web page to have your say! 

Any feedback we receive will be treated as confidential.