Sporting Entrance Scholarships

Each year the University offers several undergraduate entrance scholarships for outstanding students in their sporting activity. Each scholarship is worth £1000 per annum and is renewable for three years.

The scheme aims to cover the enormous spectrum of talent which young people reveal in individual and team sports. We look for students who not only satisfy the normal academic requirements for admission but who have also demonstrated outstanding ability in their chosen sport.  In practice, because of the intensity of competition for these awards, this normally means having reached a nationally recognised level of excellence.

How does the scholarship holder benefit?

The most tangible result is the £1,000 which the student gets each year, for three years, on top of whatever other grant he/she may be awarded. This money can make a tremendous difference when it comes to paying for equipment, materials, tuition, travelling expenses and the like.

In addition each scholar is assigned a Supervisor whose job it is (in consultation with the student's head of department) to help devise a programme of work for the student, so that the best use is made of the scholarship.

In this way, we aim to ensure that the student's academic and scholarship work go forward hand in hand and that the scholar achieves distinction in both spheres.

Students whose applications for a scholarship are unsuccessful may apply, after enrolling with the University, for a Sporting Bursary. The bursaries are worth a maximum of £350 per year.