Dr Luca Börger


Luca Börger is Associate Professor of Ecology and Biodiversity. He lectures in Movement Ecology, Ecological Statistics and Scientific Communication.

He has a dual background in Zoology (PhD, MSc) and arts (BMus) and before doing science he worked as a free-lance horn player for over 10 years in symphony, opera and chamber orchestras and chamber ensembles, performing in Europe and Japan.

His research interests are in behavioural ecology, community ecology and biodiversity dynamics, including applied aspects related to agroecology, food security and natural resource management. His work is not system specific but question-driven and as such he works on contrasting study systems (invertebrates, vertebrates, and plants), using experimental, statistical, and simulation modelling approaches.

He is passionate about peer review, scientific publication and research integrity and is Associate Editor for the Journal of Animal Ecology, for Methods in Ecology and Evolution, and for Integrative Zoology, and Review Editor for Endangered Species Research.

He is Member of the British Ecological Society, the Ecological Society of America, and the Society for Conservation Biology. In addition to Research Integrity and Scientific Publications, his interests in ethics concern also the ethical foundations of Conservation Biology and Agriculture and the use of animals for scientific research.