Dr Ana Da Silva: ‘Special Interest Group in Clinical Reasoning’, awarded by the Wolfson Research Institute for Health and Wellbeing, Durham University. £1000 per year/max 2 years. (November 2014). (with McLaughlin D., Page, G., and Matthan, J.).
Professor Nuria Lorenzo-Dus and Dr Cristina Izura: ‘Online Grooming: From communicative modelling to paedophile profiling’, £3077 awarded by the Research Institute for the Arts and Humanities, Swansea University (Research Initiative Fund, October 2014).

LRC members were successful in securing two Swansea University PhD studentships:

  • Izura, C., Tales, A., Tree, J, Brysbaert, M., Lorenzo-Dus, N. Hare, M., Musselwhite, C. & Bennet. P. (2014-2019). Swansea University Scholarship (50% matched by the Department of Psychology), approx. £54,000. An investigation of the interface of dementia, cognitive reserve, and cognitive decline

  • Lorenzo-Dus (2014-2017). Swansea University Scholarship (50% matched by the Research Institute for Arts and Humanities), approx. £54,000.  Social media and global poverty: The visual search for influential pathways

February – July 2014: Prof Lorenzo-Dus and Dr Laramee (Computer Science, Swansea University) secured funding from the Bridging the Gaps Fund for their project Identifying new risks through media discourse / computational analysis of ‘online superparticipation’. Two research assistants, Matteo di Cristofaro and Dean Thomas, were appointed as part of this project. The research team presented a poster at the 2014 International EuroVis (European Visualisation) Conference (June 2014, Swansea University) and is now working on a larger research bid.


  • Dr Jeremy Tree and co-applicants at Royal Holloway (Prof. Kathy Rastle) and Macquarie (Prof. Max Coltheart) have been awarded grant funding from the prestigious Leverhulme Trust (£161,437) for a project entitled ‘Moving beyond the monosyllable in models of skilled reading’. This research looks at the testing of word reading with monosyllabic items (RT/Error data is collected on words with a range of different psycholinguistic properties), which is simulated using computational models - at present models of reading have concentrated on single syllable items, so this research extends current models. Dr Tree will be testing dementia cases as well as normal populations to extend the model across normal and abnormal populations.
  • Professor Nuria Lorenzo-Dus, Dr María Fernández-Parra and Dr Rocío Pérez-Tattam secured funding (c. £2,300) from the Higher Education Academy and the International Association for the Study of Spanish in Society to organise the specialist workshop The Internationalization of Spanish: Teaching Applications and the Role of Translation( 22nd March, 2013).


  •  Dr Cheesman. Digital Transformations (VVV Project), Arts and Humanities Research Council small grant: £30,000. Co-investigators: Dr Laramee (Swansea, Computer Sciences), Prof Hope (Strathclyde, Dept of English, Computational Linguistics)
  • Professor Lorenzo-Dus, Dr Fernández-Parra & Dr Pérez-Tattam. Specialist workshop on translation and the internationalisation of Spanish. Higher Education Academy. £2,000.


  • Dr Izura and Professor Lorenzo-Dus. Bridging the Gaps Escalator Fund Award. Communicative profiling of online sex predators. £4,500.
  • Dr Izura. Bridging the Gaps Escalator Fund Award. A comparative exploration of the distinctive qualities of oral, hand written and typed language in memory and recall. £5,049 (collaborators: Dr Rogers (LRC) & Dr Dicker).
  • Professor Milton. Thalis: Teaching and Learning Strategies in the Primary Class, National Greek Government (with the Universities of Athens, Thessaloniki and Thrace), €520,000.


  • ‘Profiling the mental lexicon: Psycholinguistic phenotyping of lexical retrieval preferences through an analysis of word association behaviour’, (£76,062), project funded by ESRC. Principal investigator: T. Fitzpatrick. Co-investigators:  C. Izura, J.J. Tree (2010-2011).
  • ‘An evaluation of a drama based anti-smoking programme with year 7 children’, (£15,000), project funded by Neath-Port Talbot Local Authority, Lead applicant: A. Jones (2010-2011).


  • ‘An EEG exploration of the right visual field advantage in bilingual and monolingual speakers’ (£2,700), project funded by the Welsh Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience (WICN). Principal investigator: C. Izura (2009).
  • ‘Correlatos electroencefalográficos del orden de adquisición de información léxica’ (€3,480), project funded by Fundación Séneca. Co-investigatorC. Izura (2009-2010).
  • ‘Using nurses' and patients' stories to understand their meanings of time and its influence on the experience of care: a pilot study of the relationship between perceived time availability and communication of nurses with patients’ (£15,000), project funded by Hong Kong Polytechnic University Research Development Grant, Co-investigator: A. Jones (2009-2011).
  • ‘Gender and sexual (in)equality in Spanish and British society’ (c. ¿80,000), project funded by Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation. Co-investigator: N. Lorenzo-Dus (January 2009 – December 2012).
  • Language Teaching Centres and Social Networks’ (£35,000), project funded by the Department of Children, Education, Lifelong Learning and Skills (Welsh Assembly Government). Principal Investigator: S. Morris (2009).


  • ‘Exploring the patient’s journey:  a study of patient discharge from hospital’ (£90,000), project funded by Welsh Assembly Government and The Heath Foundation, Principal investigator (Post-Doctoral Fellowship): A. Jones (2006 – 2008).
  • Testing for dissociations between static and dynamic face matching and recognition in normal and abnormal face processing’ (£98,973), project funded by ESRC, Principal investigator: J.J. Tree(September 2007 – October 2008).
  • ‘Developing new analytical techniques for profiling language phenotypes in genetic research’ (£82,000), project funded by AHRC. Co-investigator: T. Fitzpatrick (April 2007-March 2008).
  • ‘Contextualising patient-centred professionalism in nursing practice: Consulting with patients, professionals and stakeholders’ (£35,055), project funded by General Nursing Council Trust for England and Wales. Co-applicant: A. Jones (2008).
  • ‘A mixed methods study of the first year of paramedic higher education’ (£10,000), project funded by Higher Education Academy and the Welsh Ambulance Trust, Principal co-applicant: A. Jones(2008-2009).
  • ‘Conflicts of memory: Mediating and commemorating the 2005 London bombings’ ( £194,000 + 2 PhD studentship), project and studentships funded by the AHRC. Co-investigator: N. Lorenzo-Dus(January 2008 - December 2010).
  • ‘Relationship between order of word learning and vocabulary size’ (€50,651), project funded by the Ministerio de Educación y Ciencia, Spanish Government, Co-investigatorC. Izura (2008-2010).