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The Director of the Survey of Anglo-Welsh Dialects (SAWD) from 1968 to 1995 was David Parry.

The custodian and legal owner of the Archive of Welsh English is Robert Penhallurick. All material in the Archive and on this website is Copyright © Survey of Anglo-Welsh Dialects and Robert Penhallurick, unless otherwise stated.

The fieldworkers for the first, rural phase (1968-1982) of SAWD were: Francesca Ayres, Helen Barney, Susan Bennett, David Blatchford, Helen Boudier, Paul Brough, Michael William Bundy, Lynne Byford, Anne Chesters, Patricia Corkhill, Theresa Dacey, Patricia Donoghue, Veronica Franklin, Ceri George, Robert Goss, William Gould, Anthony Hallatt, Ceri Hallett, Martin Harvey, Sylvia Harvey-Bowering, Martin Jenkins, Nia Jones, James Lediard, Elestr Lee, Sally Lewis, Anne MacGill, Christine Morley, Sharon O'Brien, David Parry, Robert Penhallurick, Peter Pozman, Caroline Reece, Vanni Scarfi, Hilary Slidel, Annette Spear, Clive Upton, Mary Walters, and Geoffrey Warren.

The fieldworkers for the second, urban phase (1985-7) of SAWD were Robert Penhallurick, and Adrian Willmott. Funding for this fieldwork was provided by the British Academy.

The catalogue of analogue audio recordings and field-recording books was compiled by Helen Elton in 2000. Her work was paid for by supplementary QR funding awarded to Swansea University.

The digitization of the audio recordings is overseen by Andrew Jenkins of Wireless Wales Ltd. Some of the costs were covered by Swansea University. Kate Wallace assisted in the digitization while she was a Teaching Assistant at Swansea during 2005-6.

For further details and information about other contributors, helpers, and friends of SAWD see the Map of localities, Catalogue, and Story of SAWD.

All of those involved in SAWD and the Archive of Welsh English owe a huge debt to the many informants who agreed to be interviewed. At the time of the Survey, it was agreed with every informant that they would remain anonymous in any published work. In publications and in the materials available on this site informants are referred to by their initials only. If you were an informant or if you are a relative of an informant, we would welcome hearing from you.

This is the official site of SAWD and the Archive of Welsh English. We have collaborative links in particular with the National Sound Archive at the British Library and with the Leeds Archive of Vernacular Culture. At Swansea University, where the original materials are currently housed, the Archive of Welsh English is independent of any department or research centre. It has an informal association with the Centre for Research into the English Literature and Language of Wales. All other references in Swansea University documents and web-pages to the Archive have proven to be prone to inaccuracies and are given without permission.

This website is written and compiled by Rob Penhallurick, with the technical assistance of Mostyn Jones.


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