KYKNOS is the Swansea and Lampeter Centre for Research on the Narrative Literatures of the Ancient World.

 A narrative is a connected series of events (a ‘story’, fictional or true) recounted to a reader or an audience by a narrator.

In particular KYKNOS is concerned with

a)   all literary and cultural aspects of genres and texts which are intrinsically narrative;

b)   narrative elements in literary texts and genres which are not intrinsically narrative;

c)    the methodologies associated with the study of narrative, and their application to all forms of literature;

d)   the reception of ancient narrative in modern culture, and of ancient culture in modern narrative.

In b) c) and d) the narrative dimension should be explicit and integral.


  • To stimulate, co-ordinate and promote research on the narrative literatures of ancient Greece, Rome, Egypt and the Near East, through collaborative work, conferences and publications.
  • To form a focal point for national and international networks of scholars working in this field.
  • To raise the profile of the subject area and to attract top-quality research students to its constituent universities.
  • To secure external funding for research projects. 

Seminar Series

KYKNOS holds regular research seminars, with papers from external and internal speakers.