Seminars/Colloquia pre-2010

CECSAM research seminar programme

~September 2007. Gender, Race and Ethnicity in Latin America: A One~Day Colloquium for Latin Americanists in Wales and the South West held at Swansea University and organised by SU Hispanic Studies' staff.

~Professor Phil Swanson (University of Sheffield) InFebruary 2008gave a paper entitled: 'Where is Latin America?'

~February 2008. Latin American & Spanish Festival at The Dylan Thomas Centre, Swansea
Members of CECSAM, together with Swansea Latin American Association and the support of Swansea University's College of Arts & Humanities , organised a very successful Latin American & Spanish Festival , which included a Piano Concert by Hispanic Studies Professor Gareth Walters, featuring Latin American composers. The Festival was a fundraising event, aimed at supporting charities working with disadvantaged children in Latin America & Africa.

~June 2008. CECSAM members attended a Research Seminar organised by the Department of Hispanic, Portuguese and Latin American Studies at the University of Bristol to listen to Prof. Arturo Arias (University of Texas) on 'Constructing Ethnic Bodies and Identities in Miguel Ángel Asturias and Rigoberta Menchú' and Prof. Jill Robbins (University of Texas) on 'Andalusia, Transvestism, and Phallic Woman: Ana Rossetti's Plumas de España'.

~Borders and Traffic: Comparative perspectives on teaching the Americas 
Date: 17 October 2008
Location: Singleton Abbey, Swansea University 
Additional Information: A joint initiative between Swansea University's Department of American Studies, CLASS, and The Higher Education Academy, Subject Centre for Languages, Linguistics and Area Studies.

~Prof. Stephen Hart (UCL) – On Thursday 13th November 2008 gave a paper entitled: ‘Cesar Vallejo's 52 Autographs: A Garden of Forking Paths...’

~Dr. Tim Bowyer (Swansea University, School of Environment and Society)  - On 11th December 2008 gave a paper entitled: ‘Social Support amongst post-conflict communities in the Peruvian Andes.’

~Dr. Par Kumaraswami (University of Manchester) – On 12th March 2009 gave a paper entitled:‘Republic of letters: Competing literary spaces in 50 years of the Cuban Revolution.’

Professor Diogo Ramada Curto(Vasco da Gama Professor, European University Institute, Florence) – On 28th May 2009  gave a paper entitled: ‘Slavers and Credit in the Atlantic.’

Dr Jon Beasley-Murray (University of British Columbia, Canada) - 2nd June 2009 gave a paper entitled: ‘The Ruins of Magical Realism.’